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The Smart Watch: The Good and The Pretty

The smart watch! What’s your favorite one? Oh, you don’t know what a smart watch is? Understandable. While it’s pretty obvious that sooner or later there would be a smart watch since there are smart-everything-elses, the whole smart watch phenomenon hasn’t blown up as fast as those iDogs and such. Nevertheless, they do exist, and people use them. The watches …

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Pebble Unveils Stainless Steel Smart Watch

Pebble has the distinction of being the most funded Kickstarter project in history, and for a pretty good reason. It proved the smart watch was something that people wanted, and everybody else started to develop their own smart watch platform shortly after Pebble’s success. You’d think the company would have an innovative new product for CES to shake up the …

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Smart Band Shipments Up Fivefold in the Past Six Months

The wearable computing device market is still very much in its infancy. Markets for products such as smart glasses has still yet to take off. This year the smart watch category did finally take off, however, and companies like Samsung and Sony are reaping the rewards of being first to market with their smart watch products. Market research firm Canalys …

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Pebble Watch Coming to Best Buy Stores This Weekend

Last year, Pebble Technology launched a Kickstarter campaign for an e-paper wristwatch that could connect to iPhone and Android smartphones, alerting users to various notifications and displaying messages via Bluetooth. It turned out that the Pebble is just the sort of technology consumers were waiting for, and the Kickstarter project blew up seemingly overnight. The campaign eventually raised over $10.2 …

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Microsoft Is Working On Its Own Smart Watch [Rumor]

Google has definitely taken the world of wearable computing by storm with Glass, but there’s another class of wearable computers that’s slowly gaining popularity – the smart watch. Pebble already proved that there’s a demand for smart watches with its $10 million Kickstarter, and Apple is rumored to be dabbling with the tech as well. Now another tech giant is …

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Pebble: iPhone Compatible Watch Shatters Kickstarter Records

The Pebble Smartwatch has become something of a tech gadget phenomenon. In just a few days, the idea has raised over $4.3 million in sales, and it isn’t even on store shelves yet. The company used Kickstarter, the popular entrepreneurial website where new and interesting ideas get funding from ordinary people, to see their vision into a reality. The Pebble …

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