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Microsoft Guy Talking Firefox Extensions? Huh?

Yesterday at Northern Voice we had a panel discussion called “geeking out.”

Moblogging Rights

Andrew Kantor has researched the rights photographers have to take shots under certain circumstances.

PDF Creation and Editing Application Review

BinaryThing.com, whose ventures include Planet PDF and PDF Store, has a division called ARTS PDF, who offers a nice PDF creation and editing application called Nitro PDF Professional.

Google, Yahoo Out Of Censored Commerce Report

A Department of Commerce report on how offshore outsourcing has affected tech jobs in the US was sanitized to present a brighter job picture.

Office 12 Supporting PDF Saves

The next release of Microsoft’s productivity suite, Office 12, will permit saving documents as PDFs.

New MS Office 12 Will Support PDF

Back in the early 90s, Adobe came out with a new file format called portable document format (PDF). Since that time, the PDF format has become a standard file format used the world over for just about any document. Microsoft has yet to offer anything for use with the PDF format but that’s changing. Office 12 will support PDF.

Publishing Group Asks Google To Stop Digitizing Books

Another group is not satisfied with Google’s effort to digitize books for their Google Print for Libraries and has joined in the voices asking them to cease these activities.

Yahoo Publishes Employee Blogging Guidelines

Yahoo has publicly published its employee blogging guidelines (version 1.0, no betas) and they are concise, intelligent, and actually quite helpful.

Solving PDF Irritations In Firefox

Don’t you find it really irritating when you click on a link on a website or blog and then discover that the link is to a PDF file…

White Paper — The Corporate Blogosphere

21Publish has released a white paper called “Your Corporate Blogosphere — Selecting a Solution to Enable More Efficient Workplace Communication & Knowledge Sharing”.

Google Content Blocker?

In one of the more humorous gags to target the search engine marketing industry, specifically Google, in recent memory, someone has set up a fake web page offering a Google Content Blocker utility.

FAA Making Sure Boeing 737 Doesn’t Explode

With the help of aircraft makers, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) often requires aircraft owners to make changes to their planes.

Microsoft Sizes Up PDF

Looking to longhorn in on the Adobe dominated document market, Microsoft will release the Metro document format that some analysts call a “PDF killer.”

How to Optimize PDF Files for Web Sites
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Portable Document Format (PDF) is the defacto file format for presenting device-independent documents on and off the Web.

The Internet Becomes A Viable News Source

A recent report discovered during the election, more people made use of the Internet to acquire their news intake.

UK Government Launches Virus Warning Site

Yesterday, the government for the United Kingdom launched a web site designed to offer computer virus/security-related news and information for anyone who would like to access the site.


First, why would anyone want to search engine optimize their PDF files? Well, if you had an eBook, brochure, product description or technical document in PDF format, you may wish to optimize these to pick up some extra search engine traffic.

Linking Out is Good

Many websites I come across don’t have a single link to another website. Ask the webmaster why not, and the answer you get is simple enough: “If I link to other websites people might leave my site.” At this point I break the news that site visitors will leave your site. And there’s nothing you can do about this.

Absolute vs. Relative Links: Which is Better for the Search Engines?
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Reader question: What type of link is better for getting search engine rankings: an absolute or a relative link?

PDF and Panther: The Hidden Role of PDF in Mac OS X 10.3

Apple’s Mac OS X makes broad use of Adobe’s PDF technology. It is the first example to date of an operating system that contains an actual Adobe Normalizer embedded as a system component. A careful analysis shows that Apple hasn’t yet delivered on the exciting promise of an operating system built around PDF.

AskJeeves And Teoma Now Index PDF Files

AskJeeves, which uses the Teoma database for its reults, now has PDF files showing up in their SERPs. Pages that are in PDF format have text [PDF File] next to the listing to differentiate from regular html documents.