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The Competitive Nature of Internet Marketing
I recently read John Reese’s PDF announcing the launch of his new Income.com site. In the PDF he talks about how competitive internet marketing will become in the coming 5 years, and stated what are the two main ingredients to large sustainable profit in that type of marketplace. The first is on the concept of optimization:

Alexa Attempts to Crush Statsaholic

Amazon’s bullying tactics make my blood pressure rise.

The Search Relationship Chart
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Here is a tool that is extremely useful for SEOs to know, it is provided by BruceClay.com and is called the Search Relationship Chart.  (pdf here)

Google Revenue Up 63%

Google released their fourth quarter financial report and reported that year to year revenue increased 63%.

You’ll Never Be Paris Hilton…

Recently I was reading a book that a friend sent me (thanks Greg) and although it has absolutely nothing to do with the internet or marketing, it grabbed an open piece of mental Velcro.

The interesting bit of information was:

Copyright Board to Hold Rehearing on Net Radio Ruling

Chief US Copyright Royalty Judge James Scott Sledge announced Tuesday that his board would hold a rehearing on the controversial decision (pdf of ruling) to raise royalty rates for internet streaming to unprecedented levels and gave broadcasters and organizations who requested the rehearing until April 2nd to submit documents detailing their positions.

Social Media Invades Inc. 500

I came across an interesting study conducted by UMass Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research today. 

Google is Armed

Ionut found a remarkable bit in a Google PDF titled “Comprehensive review of security and vulnerability protections for Google Apps.” This is from the part on “Physical Security”:

Google Spins Out Hard Disk Paper
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If you’re a hardcore hardware geek, then the work compiled in the 13-page paper by some Google engineers on the failure patterns of disk drives will be like a belated Valentine from the little red-headed girl.

Video – Key to Small Player Market Growth

Brian Clark recently linked to a 51 page Michel Fortin PDF which was against writing long copy salesletters.

It is a great read for any web marketer. A few highlights:

2007 Marketing Wisdom

Marketing Sherpa published their “marketing wisdom” report for 2007.

Google Initiates Global Warming Brainstorm

Google invited students to use Google Docs & Spreadsheets* to come up with ideas for combating global warming. One of the ideas makes it as full-page ad in today’s USA Today [PDF], Google says. Among the ideas:

Bloggers Protected From Others Libel

A California court has just ruled that bloggers and forum owners cannot be sued for defamatory statements made by others. (pdf of ruling).

Google News Archive: Things You Should Know

Gary Price has blogged over at Resource Shelf a huge post about Google News’ new Archive Search.

WYSIWYG and Wikis

Notes from a technical session at Wikimania on WYSIWYG.

The Landscape of the Blogosphere

The Pew Internet & American Life Project released a new survey that looks at the landscape of the blogosphere.

SAPPHIRE Blogger Corps

Attending SAPPHIRE as a credentialed blogger was not only a wonderful personal experience, but perhaps a watershed moment for how enterprises engage in social media.

Google’s 45 Minutes

Apparently, Google gets only 45 minutes of your time every month, according to a report by Nielsen/Netratings (PDF).

Converting Flipchart Knowledge

Picture the scene. You’re running a workshop or seminar, or participating in one. It’s great, you’re with a really stimulating group of people.

Software 2006

I’m at MR Rangaswami’s big event, Software 2006, where Socialtext is selected as a showcase company.

Fourth Origami UMPC Uses VIA Processor

There’s some info coming out on the fourth “Origami” Ultra Mobile PC (after the Asus, Samsung and Founder devices), and it doesn’t use an Intel chip.

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