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Acer CEO Resigns, Layoffs Announced

Acer is one of the top worldwide PC brands, but that hasn’t insulated the company from the recent downturn in the PC market caused by the growth of mobile technologies. Acer this week announced major changes to its executive structure and a restructuring plan that includes massive layoffs. Acer Chairman and CEO J.T. Wang has announced he will be stepping …

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PC Sales Could Pick Up Again, Say Analysts

Following a disappointing holiday season, PC sales have been on the decline for the first half of 2013. Even the release of a new Windows operating system wasn’t enough to buoy sales of traditional PCs. The prevailing opinion is that smartphones and tablets have stolen a large chunk of the PC market, and will continue to do so. However, one …

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Windows 8 Viewed Negatively by Suppliers, Says Analyst

Though today’s commercial shows a fun and highly usable experience, much criticism has been hurled toward Microsoft’s upcoming operating system, Windows 8. As a tablet interface, the OS does look very well-designed. Add a mouse and keyboard, however, and the UI simply confuses people who have been using Windows for years. Today, even more worries are being aired over the …

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