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Maureen Dowd’s Paranoid Pot Ramblings, at Your Fingertips, for Just $6 per Month

Yes, I’m kind of mixing a couple of stories here, but two interesting things happened today in New York Times land. First, the venerable newspaper launched a new digital subscription for Opinions only, and second, columnist Maureen Dowd got really, really high (and lived to tell the tale!). The New York Times has focused their paywall options to allow readers …

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Wikileaks Angers Anonymous By Implementing A Paywall

Wikileaks has always been about the free distribution of information. In every interview and speech, the site’s founder Julian Assange speaks on how important freedom of speech and information is to a democracy. That may be the site’s mission, but Wikileaks is incredibly underfunded. They may have found a way to fix that problem. If you went to check out …

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Do Paywalls Scare Off Media Professionals?

Paywalls seem to be straightforward: users pay to gain access to content. What could be simpler? The internet, however, with its ability to infinitely copy and immediately disseminate information, quickly makes whatever lurks behind paywalls worthless. The only paywalls that have worked are those catering to niche industries or groups of people (such as financial investors) who require instant access …

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New York Times Paywall Gets A Little Higher

The New York Times has announced that, in honor of the first anniversary of the launch of their digital subscriptions service, they are increasing the restrictions on free access to their content. Under the initial system, non-subscribers got access to 20 free articles per month. Beginning in April, that number will drop to 10. Most of the other content restrictions …

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L.A. Times Launching A Paywall For Their Online Content

It’s no surprise that the traditional newspaper model is a failing model – at least in major cities. One of the ways to offset the decline in revenue is to launch a paywall. The L.A. Times is the latest newspaper to launch such a program. On Friday, the L.A. Times announced the launch of a new membership program for their …

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Media Sites In Slovenia Initiate Paywalls Today

The idyllic habit of reading a physical newspaper became more than a nostalgic pastime today in Slovenia as many media sites begin charging readers for online access to their content. In order to generate revenue, nearly every major Slovene newspaper has implemented a paywall today where readers (or potential readers at this point, I should say) will be required to …

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