Bloggers Battle Over Sponsored Conversations

Bloggers Battle Over Sponsored Conversations

By WebProNews Staff March 11, 2009 | 3 Comments

A Forrester report released yesterday kicked off once again the debate over paying bloggers to write about products and companies. Blogging purists, new media marketing experts, and Google’s Matt Cutts have all weighed in, indicating this is hardly a debate that will soon be put to rest.

Will Google Offer PayPerPost Bloggers Amnesty?

Since the first real information came out about Izea’s (PayPerPost) new SocialSpark service, that is in testing but will formerly launch in January my excitement has been a little tempered.

Mesh 2007 On a Roll

Our second mesh conference got off to a great start this morning (if I do say so myself) with a keynote conversation I did with TechCrunch supremo Mike Arrington, followed by one that my co-organizer Rob Hyndman did with Austin Hill of Akoha and Tom Williams of GiveMeaning.com, and then the 15 Minutes of Fame with Octopz,

PayPerPost? How about BegForPost
Not since SEMPO Tahoe mocked SEMPO, has anyone pulled off a great spoof of a questionable search marketing organization. Michael Arrington serves up a treat with news that BegForPost has launched.

WOMMA Blows It On Disclosure Issue

The Word of Mouth Marketing Association takes aim at the blogosphere’s favorite target, PayPerPost, but Andy Beard found some reasons to be concerned about their choices of disclosure exemplars.

PayPerPost Solicits Gizmodo, Gets Wagged
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PayPerPost offers bloggers payment for writing reviews of products or services. Their business model has drawn criticism from sites like Valleywag, which just happens to be under the Gawker Media umbrella with Gizmodo.

A Link’s Hidden Value

Is PayPerPost evil?

Before You Send Stuff to Bloggers…

Karl over at ExperienceCurve posted an interesting question for bloggers yesterday about how you would react to getting free products as a blogger and what sense of obligation you might feel. Nokia is experimenting with this, and just about every consumer products brand I work with is considering it and trying to find the right way to do it as well.

Microsoft Handing Out Ferrari Laptops to Bloggers

Well my good friend Scott Beale got one and Long Zheng is reporting a number of other bloggers have been receiving them as well, but it seems that Microsoft is handing out brand spanking new fast Ferrari laptops loaded with Vista to influential bloggers.

Apple: “Blame it on Microsoft”

Yeah, Paul, I was just reading through my feeds (I just shared a ton of items on my link blog) and noticed that Apple has been taking a lot of crap for blaming its shipping a virus on Microsoft.

Paid Blogging & Blogosphere Ethics

Influential bloggers are taking a harsh stance against services that offer payment to blog posters in return for product reviews, bringing the question of “blogosphere ethics” to the forefront of the blogging community.

PayPerPost.com – Blogging Turns on the Red Light

As of today, knowing whether a blog post is unbiased or a blogformercial, will be a lot trickier with the launch of PayPerPost.com.