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MasterCard Introduces MasterPass Digital Wallet, Partnership With mFoundry

MasterCard introduced MasterPass today at Mobile World Congress, calling it the “future of digital payments”. The service lets people use any payment card or enabled device to “discover enhanced shopping experiences”. MasterPass includes checkout services for merchants, and connected wallets for users. “Every device is becoming a shopping device,” said Ed McLaughlin, chief emerging payments officer, MasterCard. “MasterPass brings together …

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MasterCard Announces PayPass Wallet Services

A recent survey conducted by MasterCard has shown that consumers demand more efficient and secure checkouts when making purchases. Now MasterCard’s payment platform will better integrate transactions spanning online, mobile and in-store shopping, with the introduction of PayPass Wallet Services. Users of PayPass Wallet can log the information up to 25 different credit cards to consolidate payment information, in one …

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MasterCard Survey Reports Online Shopping Concerns

Studies have shown that mobile devices are influencing points of purchase for consumers more and more, while shopping online or in-store. During the 2011 holiday shopping season, 41% of consumers made purchases directly on their smartphones, 46% noted that they picked out their item on their smartphone, and completed the purchase in-store, and 37% said they researched their item on …

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NFC Coming To iPhone 5? MasterCard Thinks So

Ed McLaughlin, head of emerging payments at MasterCard, has given some weight to rumors that Apple’s next iPhone will finally include near field communication technology. In a recent interview with Fast Company, McLaughlin said that he expected the use of contactless payment systems like MasterCard’s PayPass – which rely on NFC technology – to expand rapidly in the near future. …

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iPhone 5 To Support NFC?

I know what you’re thinking, the iPhone 5 isn’t even here yet and it’s already in favor of the National Football Conference. Well, you’re wrong. . .kind of. NFC or Near-Field Communications is a technology that relays information in an instant simply from a touch or swiping a device close to a NFC port. Recently it has been reported that …

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Credit Card Hack Exposes Millions

In the race to sign up more and more customers, credit card companies have been promoting the idea that it is more convenient and less socially awkward to swipe a credit card than to pull out cash or write a check. Who wants to feel the burning embarrassment in the checkout line as you bring everything to a screeching halt …

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