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PayPal Introduces App for Google Android Phones

PayPal has introduced an app for Google’s Android today. The app gives PayPal users easy access to their accounts from Android Phones.

A post at the PayPal Blog lays out the features:

Steve Case’s PayPal Rival Gets Big Funding

Steve CaseRevolution Money is an online payment company owned by AOL co-founder Steve Case.

eBay CEO Speaks, Says Done Apologizing for Skype
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John DonahoeeBay held its 2009 Analyst Day today with CEO John Donahoe speaking on the company’s future. As anticipated, a great deal of focus was put on PayPal.

eBay Adds Half.com Inventory
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eBay announced today that starting in early May, inventory from Half.com will become available through eBay.com. The company says it is giving sellers an advance warning 60 days notice.

This could be a move to get people paying attention to the company’s other properties as eBay.com continues to be heavily criticized. They also recently announced more focus on their PayPal property.

eBay Puts PayPal in the Spotlight
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eBay is holding an annual analyst meeting on Wednesday March 11th. Highlighted at this meeting will be future plans for eBay’s PayPal business.

eBay Highlights Trusted Sellers (and Other Tidbits)
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Matt Olson from eBayeBay recently announced a change to product pages for books, music, movies, and video games last week – a change that will likely give sellers yet another reason to complain.

eBay Wants Its Sellers Back
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eBayEarly last year, eBay inflicted some damaging policy changes that sent many sellers running for the hills. Now, they apparently are changing the rules to remove negative comments left by customers towards the sellers.

eBay Sells Out Seller on No Checks Policy
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This ought to ruffle some feathers. An eBay seller forwarded an email they received from an eBay customer service rep. to Ina Steiner at AuctionBytes.

Some Think Google Should Go After eBay
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There is an interesting article at Seeking Alpha called "Why ‘GooBay’ Makes Sense." Obviously this is a "what if Google bought eBay?" piece, and feedback to the article thus far isn’t real keen on the idea, but there are some valid points throughout the article nevertheless.

eBay and PayPal Explain Item Holds
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Monroe Labouisse, the director of PayPal’s business on eBay in the US and Canada sat down with eBay’s chief Blogger Richard Brewer-Hay and sketched out this post explaining the policies behind eBay Item Holds.

An eBay Item Hold is when eBay asks PayPal to hold a payment in a seller’s PayPal account for up to 21 days. This occurs as a "buyer protection" when eBay believes the transaction is more likely than the average transaction to be fraudulent.

Facebook Hires One Or More eBay Execs

Dan Levy started at PayPal in October, 2001 as a product manager.  Seven years later, he was with the same company and his business cards read "Head of Risk Management, Europe."  But in what seems like a loss for eBay and a gain for a certain social network, Levy’s now gone to work for Facebook.

Report: High Point Passed For Some Holiday eCommerce Traffic

Here’s hoping eCommerce sites are satisfied with the number of shoppers they’ve received so far this season; a new Hitwise report makes it look like things have already crested in at least one respect.  Yet there may be ways for retailers to succeed, and consumers are certainly in a good position.

eBay Purchases More Companies

When auction revenue falls, eBay decides to bank on payment processing and online classifieds. eBay is buying online bill pay service Bill Me Later and two other companies which are based in Denmark.

eBay Terminates Checks and Money Orders
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Today eBay announced via FAQ that starting in late October, the only acceptable payment methods to use when purchasing items on the auction site will be:

MySpace Partners With PayPal On Fundraising
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MySpace has partnered with PayPal to create the MySpace IMPACT/ PayPal fundraising widget that allows users to collect donations for non-profit organizations.

eBay Drops PayPal Only Plan In Australia
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eBay Australia has officially dropped its proposal to move to a PayPal only system in the country.

eBay’s decision comes after sellers expressed their anger last week at a conference held by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) on the company’s plans to only accept PayPal on the site.

The new plan would have forced sellers to pay fees to PayPal Australia on top of the fees they pay to eBay.

Gmail Knocking Out Two Big Phishing Threats
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PayPal and eBay have long drawn the attention of criminal phishers who try to spoof the companies and steal login information from their customers.

Hitwise Examines eBay’s Standing In Australia
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eBay users everywhere were pleased when the company gave up on making PayPal the only allowable payment option in Australia.  But Hitwise has taken a look at the company’s standing on that continent, underlining what was (and may still be) at stake within its borders.

eBay Australia Sellers Oppose PayPal Plan

Last month the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) introduced a draft proposal to put eBay Australia’s plan to move to a PayPal - only system on hold.

Yesterday in Sydney eBay sellers gathered at a conference organized by the ACCC to discuss the draft proposal before the July 3 deadline for submissions. The sellers urged the ACCC to not to allow eBay to go to a PayPal only system in the country.

eBay, PayPal Policy Update

PayPal has revised its policy concerning international transactions under Section 4.3 of the PayPal users agreement that goes into effect July 9, 2008.

PayPal spokesman Michael Oldenburg told WebProNews that eBay was not requiring all international shippers to accept PayPal. The policy states that if eBay sellers accept PayPal, they are required to accept it for all transactions, for domestic and international payments.

eBay To Require U.S. Sellers To Take PayPal If They Ship Globally
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eBay is requiring global sellers to increasingly accept its PayPal payment service. In the U.S. eBay is forcing sellers who ship internationally to accept international PayPal transactions under Section 4.3 of the PayPal users agreement that goes into effect July 9, 2008.

All sellers in the UK are required to accept PayPal in all of their listings and eBay is challenging government regulators in Australia over its plan to move to a PayPal only system in that country.