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Hey Small Businesses – Square Stand Is Only $99 Hey Small Businesses – Square Stand Is Only $99
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This is a public service announcement for small business owners out there – Square had drastically reduced the price for their point of sale system, Square Stand. Starting today, you can purchase the all-in-one POS for just $99. When Square …

Square Hit with Cease and Desist Order in Illinois Square Hit with Cease and Desist Order in Illinois
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Mobile payments startup Square has apparently run afoul of the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation. In a cease and desist order sent to Square, the Illinois department says that Square is “engaged in the business of transmitting money …

New York Times Releases Details Of Online Payment Model

After a long debate, the New York Times has officially settled on an online pay model and and implementation timeline. The meter system will be introduced at the beginning of next year.

New Mobile Payment System Aimed At Small Businesses

Is it hip to be square again? Maybe according to Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey. His new startup, called Square, is a mobile payments (credit card processing) system that appeals to small businesses. But is he targeting the right customers?

TwitPub Wants You To Pay For Twitter Streams

While Twitter continues to tease us with its advertising plans, third-party providers continue to get creative with their efforts to make money from the micro-blogging service.