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AdSense Referrals? AdWords Pay Per Action? Not Anymore
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Google has decided to shut down its AdSense Referrals program effective the last week of August.

All Of AdSense Gains Referrals 2.0

Testing has been wrapped up with Google’s referral beta, and the company plans to roll it out to all publishers in referral-supported languages.

Google Pay-Per-Action Goes Global
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Google has announced that its pay-per-action advertising beta is now open to international advertisers.

Google Whispers More Details About PPA
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The pay per action beta test for Google AdWords recently debuted, and spurred plenty of advertiser interest.

Snap Snaps On Bloggers For IntelliTXT Comparison
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When Google slid its new Text Link Ad product under the Pay-Per-Action rug, bloggers who noticed immediately started comparing the in-text advertisements to Snap.com’s content preview bubbles. But Snap.com’s none to happy about being lumped into the same camp as IntelliTXT.

AdWords Pay Per Action Hits Beta
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The new pricing model offered by Google to its AdWords clients means those advertisers will only pay Google when a customer converts in a specified way.

Is Google’s Pay-Per-Action a Threat to Affiliate Networks?
If you’re reading this post, then you can expect a flurry of news covering Google’s beta launch of its Pay-Per-Action (PPA) product for AdWords.