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Buffalo Wild Wings in Washington State Honors Fallen Soldier

A Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in Tacoma, Washington played a small, but important, role in honoring a fallen U.S. soldier last week. Brian Avey was at work on July 9 when a woman came in and ordered two beers. The server explained he could only serve her one beer at a time. That’s when she explained that they weren’t both …

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Chuck Norris Son Says Elites Could Kill Off Americans Within a Year

Chuck Norris just turned 75. The martial arts film veteran has been very forthright about his own thoughts on where America is headed. In his 2010 book Black Belt Patriotism, Chuck Norris listed his gripes. “Illegal immigrants are swarming over our borders. Our nation and American families are crippled by debt. We remain vulnerable to Islamist terrorist attacks. Judges ignore …

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Google, Once Again, Offends with D-Day Doodle

In another one for the Google hates America, freedom, and our veterans files, the search engine is once again on the defensive after pissing off some people on D-Day with a Google Doodle. For a brief period this morning, on the 70th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy in Operation Overlord during World War II, Google displayed a Doodle …

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