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Huey Lewis Goes Patrick Bateman On Weird Al

If you’re a fan of American Psycho, Huey Lewis and/or Weird Al, than this video is for you. Funny or Die put out this pretty great parody of the film’s iconic Huey Lewis scene, cleverly putting Huey in the Patrick Bateman role, discussing the film’s context and Christian Bale’s performance in the manner that Bale discussed Huey and his work. …

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Patrick Bateman Is Envious of Coworkers’ Pokemon Cards

As the story goes, Lionsgate had geared up to release a 10th anniversary Blu-Ray edition of the new classic American Psycho, complete with a deleted scene that shows how the filmmakers tried to make the film appeal to a younger audience. Apparently, that project never made it. But luckily, the deleted scene survived. Ok, none of that really happened. But …

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