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Media Falsely Reports Gorilla for Being Sexist

Meet Patrick, a 23-year-old single male Texan residing in Dallas, who is also a 430-pound Western lowland gorilla that was recently mistaken for hating women (gorilla women in particular). You see, a lot of media reports (MailOnline, E!, Fox News, ABC) picked up on the sensationalism that Patrick was a sexist ape, when really, he just prefers to be alone, …

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Danica Patrick Boosts NASCAR Popularity

Danica Patrick’s presence has been driving NASCAR ratings and popularity, according to Neilsen. In general, Patrick is 233% more recognized than the average race car driver, generates more social media buzz and boosts TV ratings. Nascar has noted the “Danica Effect,” and 4-time NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon states, “it’s great for the sport. Who doesn’t want to see a female …

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Racing Not Mentioned in Patrick’s Twitter

Danica Patrick’s Twitter, which she updates quite often, is fairly atypical of those accounts found surrounding the auto racing circuit. She might mention a sunset, grey hairs, feeling vaguely sore – But little detail in mentioned about actual racing. @DanicaPatrickDanica PatrickSunset! I call this hidden rays and tired voice. Haha. I did alot of talking today. http://t.co/CaK7PMjF 2 days ago …

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Danica Patrick OK After Crash

Danica Patrick walked away from her crash at the Gatorade Duel at Daytona Thursday, after slamming into a wall on the last lap of the qualifying race. Thanks to Nascar safety innovations, along with Patrick’s quick thinking, she was uninjured. The video below shows how Patrick took her hands off the wheel to avoid broken wrists: “It felt like a …

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