Patent Articles

Microsoft Applies For Anti-Phishing Patent

In a recent bevy of application disclosures, it was discovered that in September of last year, Microsoft applied for a patent regarding methodology for notifying Internet users whether or not a particular URL is associated with a list of known phishing sites.

We’ve all gotten the e-mails before. In what appears to be correspondence from a legitimate company, a letter comes across our respective e-mail client urging us to “verify our account information” by giving up the skinny on our bank accounts, credit cards, and social security numbers.

Microsoft Backs Off BlueJ Patent Claim

A useful piece of functionality in Visual Studio had been incorporated into the product without attribution to its creator, Michael Kölling of the University of Kent. Microsoft then submitted a patent application for the tool, which they have reasonably withdrawn.

Immortal Computing Is A Little Creepy, Microsoft

In my grandparent’s basement, on the wall, there are pictures of ugly, frowning people, relatives of mine, in that ghostly, milky sepia coloring all those 19th Century photos have. They’re dead, those people, and some part of them is part of me – but if they had ever spoken to me through those dusty frames (and I imagined they did), Great Great Grandfather would be dead twice, his second life smashed on the mantle.

Malls Should Make Ready For Google Billboards

Google is a very powerful Internet company, but it’s still, for the most part, just an Internet company; consumers aren’t very likely to encounter the search engine and advertising giant unless they’re near a computer. That may change, though, given some recent patents that relate to digital billboard technology.

Alan Cox Files DRM Patent

Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology is a method of content protection that can limit the use of content to specific platforms, devices or other such methods as deemed by the content manufacturer. The practice has been widely scrutinized as of late, specifically in terms of digital music.

Google Obtains Similarity Engine Patent

This week, Google was awarded a patent for technology designed to address duplicate content issues throughout the index. The patent, originally filed in December of 2001, is entitled “Methods and Apparatus for Estimating Similarity.”

Microsoft Responds to RSS Patent Concerns

Last week, the U.S. Patent Office lifted the 18-month window of secrecy on two patent filings from Microsoft that analysts viewed as attempts by the company aimed at achieving exclusive rights to RSS aggregation technology.

Microsoft Seeks Content Syndication Patents

Microsoft has filed two separate patent applications, seeking to gain exclusive rights to technology used to obtain, organize, and read news feeds distributed via Real Simple Syndication (RSS).

Amazon Strikes Back At IBM In Patent War

Recently IBM sued Amazon.com over patent infringement. On Thursday Amazon fired back with a suit of it’s own directed at IBM for patent infringement. The countersuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. Amazon disputes that they infringe on IBM patents and that IBM infringes on patents that Amazon holds.

Social Media and Search News Thursday

Ron Belanger from Yahoo does a decent job explaining, “Engagement, Search and Social Media” in a video over at iMedia Connection.

New Google Product Is Patently Useful

The minds at Google have taken the less-than-intuitive search process for finding patents in the USPTO database and made it as easy as their signature search service.

Google Patent – Full-Text US Patent Searching

Off lately Google has introduced a new service, Google Patents search engine through which people can search full-text of US patents dating back to 1790 till middle of 2006.

Microsoft Files for Patent for DVR Advertising

Microsoft has filed for a patent involving ads on Digital Video Recorders. Now, don’t worry, they won’t be inserting ads over your shows; rather, this patent involves ensuring the ads you see are relevant when you see them.

Sony Files for Skin-Powered Headphones Patent

Engineers at Sony are developing a set of wireless headphones that use a person’s skin to transmit a signal between the headpiece and music source.

The Patent Ploy

Microsoft to Offer Sales Support for Novell’s Suse Linux… Huh? Did I hear that right? Yep, there it is again: Linux to work with Windows.

IBM Sues Amazon for Patent Infringement

International Business Machines Corp. has filed two separate lawsuits against Amazon, alleging that the Seattle-based company improperly derived its e-commerce functions from technologies patented by IBM as far back as the 1980’s.

Google Patents Editorial Favorability

The US Patent and Trademark Office awarded Google a curious patent on Tuesday, filed for in 2000. The patent covers a “system and method for supporting editorial opinion in the ranking of search results.” Observers are still uncertain if the patent is merely an “artifact” or a signal for a new direction in Google News.

PPC Patent Bid War On The Horizon

According to a couple of sources, there are some very early patents (filed in 1996 and awarded three years later) on pay-per-click advertising that could spark a bidding war. The patents cover systems and methods for online advertising rather than the technology for it, and have been dormant for years after the filing company went under.

Friendster Caught Between a Rock and a Facebook

The game is over, and Friendster lost.

SixDegrees Co-Founder On Friendster Patent

Do you sign into your MySpace account eight times a day? Perhaps Facebook has become your home away from home. Frankly, I hope not. But the latest news about Friendster’s patent on social networks should relax that sort of dedicated soul, and more normal users.

Google Patent Apps By The Dozen

Patent applications are apparently cheaper by the dozen. This month, 12 Google filings were published, mostly involving technologies focused on geo-targeting and local search.