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Local.com Receives Search Patent

Local.com has been awarded a patent for its indexing and retrieving of Web related information by geographical location.

Microsoft Testing Mobile Voice Search

A leaked .cab file reveals Microsoft is working on a Bluetooth-enabled voice search application for Windows Mobile.

Local Search Patent Holder Threatens Everybody

Verizon is first on a London-based company’s list of lawsuits to file (or licensing agreements to be extracted) after winning the rights to a 1999 patent for location-based search. Next up: any online service offering local search services.

Microsoft, LGE Strike Patent Deal

Microsoft and LG Electronics (LGE) have entered into a patent cross-license agreement to develop the companie’s current and future product lines.

Optimize for Local Search Traffic

Getting local search engine traffic is one of the things that small businesses aspire to. Some even don’t know they can increase the amount of local visitors by improving their website. So what can a local small business do to get the long-wanted local traffic?

What is local search?

Before we list things to do on your site to improve your local search engine traffic, we need to define what we want. This will help us to actually get what we want.

IBM, Amazon Chill On Patent Fight

Call it a TKO win for IBM, as years of jabbing over a variety of patents held by IBM and disputed by Amazon have ended with Amazon agreeing to pay licensing fees for them.

Google Patent Defines The Sandbox
· 3

If there were any doubt new sites may be spending some time alone on part of the playground, a recent Google patent application seems to define a place where new documents go in their index.

Vonage May Get Stay Of Execution

A landmark Supreme Court decision may prove to be the savior of Vonage. The ruling on "obviousness" is expected to have sweeping implications in patent law while pulling Vonage from the Verizon fire.

PreFound: Google Notebook Infringes On Patent

A patent on hyperlinking filed by search site PreFound’s parent company, iLOR, has led to a lawsuit against Google for infringement.

Nokia Visualizes Mobile Search

The heated competition for mobile handset search eyeballs may have reached the melting point of titanium now that a Nokia patent for visual search has been revealed.

Google Files Patent For Targeting In-Game Ads
· 1

With its purchase of Adscape, Google sent a clear message that it was looking to establish an advertising presence in the worlds of both online and offline gaming. In a patent filing, the company outlines particular strategies that it is seeking to implement to gather specific information on gamers in order to tailor personalized advertising toward them.

Google BlogSearch, Ranking Blog Documents Patent
· 2

For a long time my blogs have performed amazingly well with Google Blog Search. I always appear in the relevant results quickly, and the results I obtain have some reasonable longevity, even when I am not the original source of a story.

Considering how much competition I often have for certain search terms which everyone seems to be writing about because of common interest, I must have been doing a number of things right.

JPG Intros “Hotness,” I Hope Yahoo Doesn’t Sue Them

JPG Magazine: Blog: Introducing Hotness Well our good friends over at JPG Magazine introduced a cool new feature on their site today. it’s called Hotness "because interestingness was taken" (their words).

Hotness basically uses the social activity around the photos on their site, "votes, views, and more," to share with members of the JPG community some of the best shots being uploaded per an "algorithm" that they created.

How Might Google Be Ranking Your Blog?
Bill Slawski found a new patent on ranking blog documents that should be of interest to anyone with a blog. As you would expect Bill has given his usual overview of the patent, explaining things and making simple for the rest of us.

Google Loves A Tasty Blogroll
· 14

Judging by a patent application filed by Google for ranking blog search, one of the three things a blog should have is a blogroll, and being included in some high-quality ones will help too.

How Does Google Rank Your Blog?

Google has filed a patent application for ranking blogs using measures of quality, and Bill Slawski at SEO by the Sea has an excellent summary of the key factors. The quality factors fall into both positive and negative categories:

Google’s Phone Patent A Ghost In Your Machine

For now, we’ll put off dark fantasies of robots taking over. No, no, no. No Skynet, no iRobot, none of that. If you don’t want go cross-eyed trying to read a recent Google patent application, just take some smart people’s word for it. Google’s working on a phone technology that knows more about you than you do.

USPTO Wiki-fies Patents, Pooh-poohs P2P
· 1

The US Patent and Trademark Office is swamped, so they’re going the Digg.com route. Embarking on a patent review pilot project that will allow the online public to comment on patent applications, the USPTO is hoping the experts of the world will share the load.

The USPTO is not, however, that keen on P2P.

Patent and Trademark Office to Enable Comments

According to the Washington Post, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is planning to launch a trial project in which outsiders will be able to comment on proposed patents that are working their way through the (incredibly time-consuming) patent application process. In effect, people will be allowed to post comments on patents and then other users will be allowed to vote on those comments, a la Digg.com.

Digital Watermark Is Copyright Dog Whistle

Granting of this patent couldn’t have come at a better time in the Internet Revolution for Digimarc Corp., the sales force of which is most likely irritatingly knocking on YouTube’s doors.

Microsoft, AT&T In Supreme Patent Spat

AT&T has won a lower court decision against Microsoft and its use of AT&T patented technology in exported products, but Microsoft has a shot at getting that overturned with its appeal to the US Supreme Court.

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