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Apple Sues Samsung, Gets Sued By SmartData

This morning we ran a story about Apple’s victory in a patent lawsuit against Motorola. In that story I pointed out that one chapter in Apple’s ongoing patent battles appeared to be finished. Well, now it seems that Apple’s patent suits are doing a fair impression of a hydra: cut one head off, and two more take its place. Apple …

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Microsoft And LG Sign Patent Licensing Agreement

Microsoft and LG have announced today that they have entered into a patent license agreement covering LG’s Android and Chrome OS devices. This agreement expands upon a previous agreement between the two companies, and is one of ten similar deals with other Android and Chrome OS device makers. Other licensees include HTS, Acer, and Samsung. With the inclusion of LG, …

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Apple Settles Patent Lawsuit For $5 Million

Taiwanese news agencies are reporting that Apple has agreed to pay Elan Microelectronics $5 million as part of an out of court settlement of the two companies’ ongoing patent infringement case. The companies also agreed to exchange access to one another’s patent portfolios, giving Apple license to use the patents in question, and giving Elan similar access to Apple’s patents. …

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