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Apple Settles Patent Lawsuit For $5 Million

Taiwanese news agencies are reporting that Apple has agreed to pay Elan Microelectronics $5 million as part of an out of court settlement of the two companies’ ongoing patent infringement case. The companies also agreed to exchange access to one another’s patent portfolios, giving Apple license to use the patents in question, and giving Elan similar access to Apple’s patents. …

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Apple May Be Looking Into Camera Based Security

One of the biggest features of Google and Samsung’s new Galaxy Nexus phone is its face unlock feature: using the device’s front-facing camera, users can unlock their phones just by showing it their faces. Though the feature is not without its flaws (apparently it can be unlocked using a picture of the phone’s owner), it is one of the more …

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Apple Bringing Fuel Cell Technology To iPhones?

Late last week the US Patent Office released a patent application (PDF) filed by Apple in April of this year. The application deals with “a fuel cell system which is capable of both providing power to and receiving power from a rechargeable battery in a portable computing device.” Such a system “eliminates the need for a bulky and heavy battery …

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Apple Gets HTC Phones Banned In Patent Case

The US Internation Trade Commission issued a ruling (PDF) late yesterday blocking the importation of several of HTC’s Android-based smartphones in the US. The ITC found merit to Apple’s claim that HTC had infringed on two of Apple’s patents. The ITC further determined that “the appropriate remedy is a limited exclusion order prohibiting the entry” of the offending phones into …

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Google Patent Reveals Clues about its Social Strategy

With as much success as Google has had, it is somewhat surprising that it has not been very fortunate in the social media area. It has had many attempts that have either been shut down or consolidated into other efforts, but the company has made it clear that it is not giving up on social media.

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