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Apple vs. Samsung Jury Decision Coming Soon

The Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit has been long, frustrating, and bizarre. When Apple first sued Samsung over one year ago, it appeared as if Apple was simply protecting its iPhone and iPad designs from companies who were beginning to mimic those devices. Samsung promptly countersued Apple, claiming it violated wireless technologies patents it holds. Why exactly Apple decided to break …

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Supreme Court Declines to Rule on Hulu Case

The Supreme Court this week sent a case involving broad patents back to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit for reconsideration. The case surround a patent that was granted to the company Ultramercial. The patent is for the concept – not the technology, mind you – of ads supporting online videos. Just the idea that an ad …

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Apple: All Your Unlocking Mechanisms Are Belong To Us

How many of you use a “swipe to unlock” mechanism to gain access to your smartphones? Quite a few I would guess. The finger-dragging-across-the-touch-screen method of unlocking phones is probably most known for being a feature on the iPhone, but tons of other devices use a similar mechanism. Today, Apple owns that mechanism, as they were just granted a patent …

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