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Apple Vs. Samsung: South Korean Court Rules Against Both Companies

Apple vs. Samsung: The hearing just wrapped up in the U.S. and we’re now waiting for the jury’s decision. The decision could lead to consequences, good or bad, in patent law and technology innovation. Either way, one company is going to come out the winner. Funny enough, both companies are losers in South Korea. The Seoul Central District Court ruled …

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Twitter Publishes Patent Agreement to Combat Trolls

It’s sad for an engineer or inventor to see their work used as a ball-gag to stifle innovation. Too often companies referred to as “patent trolls” will buy up patents without any intention of using them or licensing them fairly. It’s a problem plaguing the tech industry and is decried by many industry leaders such as Mark Cuban and Steve …

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Mark Cuban: Heavily Invested In Patent Law Reform

Shark Tank investor and American business guru, Mark Cuban recently bought up big stock in Vringo, a company currently engaged in a sizable patent lawsuit with Google and several other tech firms. He owns about 7% of the company and has already seen the stock prices rise. This past March Vringo merged with patent troll Innovate/protect who also owned a …

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