Patch Articles

Microsoft Preps Sextet For Patch Tuesday

At least one of the six Windows updates to be released for August will be rated Critical, the highest Maximum Security rating.

Feds Warn of Pain Patch Overdose Risk
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The US Food and Drug Administration issued a public health advisory regarding the use of skin patches containing the “very strong narcotic” pain reliever, fentanyl, while investigating 120 deaths that may have been due to overdose.

Windows XP Flaw Needs A Patch

A denial of service flaw in the Windows Remote Desktop Service could be attacked, causing a system crash.

It’s Not Just Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday Anymore

For the past several months, the second Tuesday of the month has been when Microsoft released updates for its software.

Veritas Exploit In The Wild

A patch has been made available for Veritas Backup Exec, which is vulnerable to a buffer overflow exploit.

Bitkeeper,git (patch maintenance)

Kernel programmers need to keep track of patches. That’s pretty obvious, but what isn’t immediately obvious to those of us who aren’t kernel developers is just how onerous that task is for Linux kernels.

Microsoft Admins Celebrate Patch Tuesday

The now-familiar second Tuesday of the month arrival of Microsoft security bulletins brought ten new arrivals to enterprises and individuals.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Arriving

At least one of the seven security bulletins for Windows has been designated Critical by the software company.

On Patch Management

Microsoft sought to combat a widening public perception that open source solutions (OSS) were less expensively patched than comparable Windows systems.

RealNetworks Releases A Real Patch

RealNetworks, makers of the much-discussed Real Player, have released a patch addressing a number of security issues related to the media player.

Microsoft Releases 12 Security Patches

A group of security patches for Windows has been released from the labs at Redmond, with the majority receiving “critical” status.

Oracle Releases Critical Patch Update

Oracle has released a group of critical security patches for a number of the company’s products. These patches mark the first time Oracle has released security updates after deciding in 2004 to do so on a quarterly basis.

Microsoft and Sun Patch Things Up

With a rocky past behind them, Microsoft and Sun seem to finally be getting along and getting down to business.

Peregrine Systems Integrates Patch Management Program

An effective patch management program is a company’s first line of defense against crippling software vulnerabilities and vicious network attacks.

Microsoft Release Cumulative Security Patch For Internet Explorer

Following up to the patch that was released over the Fourth of July weekend, Microsoft has issued a cumulative patch for their web browser. The patch, called “Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 (KB867801)”, fixes three vulnerabilities.

Microsoft Releases Another Patch For Internet Explorer

During the Fourth of July weekend, Microsoft released a patch for Internet Explorer, MS’s web browser. The patch was designed to thwart a security hole that would allow malicious code to be spread from IE to the user’s computer.

Microsoft Reworks Win XP Patch

Microsoft is revising a security patch for Windows XP systems with Service Pack 1 installed after customers complained that installing the patch slowed their systems to a crawl.

Experts warn not to apply Microsoft patch

Security companies find dubious content in Windows 2000 fix.