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Pat Buchanan Out: People Respond Online

After he served ten years as an analyst, MSNBC has shown Pat Buchanan the door. Protests have gone on for years about Buchanan’s statements and perceived racism. Buchanan maintains that this is all a conspiracy by the left to have him ousted. And, there were coordinated and concerted efforts to petition and pressure MSNBC to can him. Most who are …

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Pat Buchanan Canned Over Book at MSNBC

After an uproar about his publication of a book in October called “Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025??”, MSNBC has finally bowed to the pressure from various groups and fired Pat Buchanan. Some have viewed Buchanan’s book as anti-Semitic, pro-White, and generally racist overall. MSNBC asked Buchanan to not appear on its network while he was promoting …

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