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High School Musical Reunion Benefiting Charity

It’s been on the tip of everyone’s tongues lately. Will High School Musical ever have a reunion? Well, it’s been five years since the last movie and it seems the gang is ready to get back together for something bigger …

Nicole Scherzinger Brings Life To Party

Everybody‚Äôs talking about and ogling Nicole Scherzinger ever since she stepped out in a body-hugging, skin-exposing black suit for a wild night out. The former Pussycat Doll and X Factor judge effortlessly grabbed the attention of all onlookers with her …

Hugh Hefner’s Robin Thicke Costume Goes Viral

Everyone loves a good Halloween costume. And there’s no reason why everyone can’t get in on a holiday usually enjoyed mostly by kids. Hugh Hefner has proved time and time again that age doesn’t define a man. The 87-year-old Playboy …

Top Party Schools: Ohio University, University of Georgia Are Your Best Bets for Debauchery
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Top party schools: Who needs an education when you can pay thousands upon thousands of dollars to party yourself into oblivion? Apparently a lot of people base their collegiate future upon which school offers the most opportunities to cut loose, …

LeBron James Partied With LMFAO After Winning His Ring
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Of course he did. I mean, what else is there to do in South Beach after bringing Miami another championship ring? Party with a throwaway party-rap collective that owes much of their success to a healthy dose of nepotism. No …

Twitter Applying To Have ‘Tweet’ Trademarked

Twitter is attempting to gain some kind of control of the use of "Twitter" and "Tweet" in a way that reminds me of Google’s attempt back in 2006.

Twitter Uncomfortable With ‘Tweet’ Being Used In Third Party Apps

Looks like Twitter is not looking the other way as much these days. TechCrunch reports that there is some concern at the social networking company that developers are using the term ‘Tweet’ too much. Twitter, in fact, is claiming that the use of that trademark in the naming of any third party app is something they are ‘uncomfortable’ with.

Facebook Opening Up User Profiles To Third Party Developers

The arms race between Facebook and Twitter or social media supremacy has its good and bad moments. The good is that all of this ‘one-upsmanship’ should eventually lead to better tools for social media users. The bad news is that we have to hear about every time someone at one of these two companies has a thought.

Twitter’s Ad Platform Shows Some Savvy

So why the quotation marks around the word ads in the title? It’s like that age old question of if a tree fallstwitter-bird in the forest but there is no one there to hear it does it make a sound? This version however reads like, “If you place and “ad” on a website and nobody paid for it is it an “ad”?