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Skype Partners With Wal-Mart

Internet communications company Skype is partnering with retailer Wal-Mart to offer its hardware in the Internet and voice communications area of Wal-Mart’s 1,800 stores in the U.S.

Reunion.com Partners With ZoomInfo

Reunion.com, a Web site for social network users to reconnect with family and friends, has formed a partnership with ZoomInfo, a business information search engine used for finding information about industries, companies, people, products and services.

MySpace Partners With XM

MySpace and XM satellite radio have partnered to launch "Show Us What Ya Got," an online search for unsigned hip-hop and R&B music talent.

Yahoo Shopping Partners With ScanAlert
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Yahoo Shopping’s comparison-shopping listings will now display ScanAlert’s Hacker Safe seal. Online shoppers will be able to make decisions about merchants based on more than pricing and ratings.

TV Guide Partners With Cable Companies

Gemstar-TV Guide International, an entertainment and technology company has announced that Mediacom Communications and Insight Communications, both cable operators in the U.S., will launch TV Guide’s Lsitings2Go online television guide on their portals in early August.

Skype Partners With Dailymotion

Independent video sharing site Dailymotion and Skype announced a partnership today that will put a Dailymotion channel on Skype and provide access to video content from the site.

NBC Partners With DoubleClick

DoubleClick said today that it is working with NBC on  new online ad campaigns for the promotion of NBC’s fall line-up of programming. The new campaigns are an extension of the three-year partnership with DoubleClick and NBC.

Twitter, Indeed Backer Involved In Name Game

Union Square Ventures’s past investments include Del.icio.us and FeedBurner; it’s currently backing Twitter, Indeed, and AdaptiveBlue.  Union Square Ventures is also behind a lawsuit against Union Square Partners, and, for simplicity’s sake, I’ll henceforth refer to the entities as “Ventures” and “Partners.”

MySpaceTV Partners With LonelyGirl15

MySpace and LonelyGirl15 have partnered to launch LonelyGirl15’s season one finale, "12 in 12" on MySpaceTV.

CBS Partners With Mobile Advertisers

CBS Mobile has partnered with four mobile advertising companies, AdMob, Millennial Media, Rhythm NewMedia and Third Screen Media.

AT&T Partners With eMusic

AT&T has announced a deal with eMusic, in which mobile subscribers will be able to download music to their mobile phones.

Amazon Partners With National Archives
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The National Archives and Records Administration has entered into an agreement with Amazon.com’s CustomFlix Labs to make historic films from the National Archives available for purchase on Amazon.

iCrossing Receives $62 Million In Funding
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Companies routinely receive three, five, or even ten million dollars in various funding rounds; reporting on it kind of dulls you to those huge amounts.  But iCrossing, a “global digital marketing company,” has just received $62 million, and that’s definitely worth a closer look.

MySpace Partners With Dark Horse Comics

MySpace and Dark Horse Comics have partnered to launch a new online comic book, "MySpace Dark Horse Presents."

Verizon Partners With Veoh

Internet Television Company Veoh has partnered with Verizon and will offer its own channel on the Verizon Wireless V CAST service.

MSN Partners With Farecast

MSN has entered into a partnership with Farecast.com, an airfare prediction site.

Tudou’s Videos Receive $19 Million In VC Funding

Tudou, a Chinese video-sharing site, has just raised 143 million yuan.  But because Tudou’s funding was provided by the likes of General Catalyst Partners, and Tudou’s advertisers include companies such as Ford, KFC, and Pepsi, it would probably make more sense for me to state that amount as $19 million.

AOL Partners With Fidelity

AOL has entered into a partnership with Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions (FNRES), which will provide real estate listings on AOL.

Yahoo Partners With Vertical Search Company

GenieKnows.com, a Halifax- based search company part of IT Interactive services has entered into a search distribution deal with Yahoo that will allow the company to have access to Australian and Canadian sponsored search listings.

Last.fm Partners With Sony

Online social music network, Last.fm has partnered with Sony BMG Music Entertainment.

IBM OmniFind Yahoo Finds Tech Partners

Several companies now offer their products as complementary technologies to enhance the IBM OmniFind Yahoo Edition enterprise search product.