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Meet Florida Man, World’s Worst Superhero and Best New Parody Twitter Account

Today’s winner for parody Twitter account you need to be following comes to you from Everywhere, Florida. It’s Florida Man, which features “real-life headlines about the world’s worst superhero.” The account tweets out any and all headlines that involve a “florida man” doing something. For instance, “Ketchup-covered Florida Man arrested for yelling profanities at tourists” or “Florida Man arrested with …

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Yes, You Really Are Racist Says This Twitter Account

Here’s a new parody Twitter account to follow. People say a lot of interesting things on Twitter. It’s a public forum where any individual is only a few thumb-clicks away from releasing whatever brain diarrhea they happen to form in a matter of seconds. Inappropriate, unintelligent, misinformed, unfunny, offensive, and yes, racist, could be used to describe any number of …

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