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Kim Kardashian Joke Now Awkward for Chris Pratt

Kim Kardashian was just a young thing, not yet accustomed to the ways of reality TV, when she appeared in a film with Chris Pratt. It was 2009. The film was called Deep in the Valley. The movie is about two guys who are magically transported to a world full of porn stars. Kim Kardashian had a small role. Pratt …

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Rashida Jones Is Leaving Parks & Rec And She’s Taking Rob With Her

Rashida Jones has been a part of “Parks And Recreation” since day one, and now, sadly, she’s made the decision to take a new path. Jones–who had experience with the documentary-style setting from her days on “The Office”–is leaving in the middle of the upcoming season, and Rob Lowe is going with her. Since their characters decided to have a …

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Nick Offerman Has The Sexiest Mustache Ever

Nick Offerman was recently named People Magazine‘s “Sexiest Man” in their “Mustache Edition”, and most of us will agree that his ‘stache sets him apart from everyone else on television right now. He recently sat down with Conan to talk about what it takes to be manly (lots of bacon grease and back hair) and showed off his stripper video …

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