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Yahoo Search Drops, As Does Its Stock

Yahoo gave away 0.6 percent of US search engine market share in March 2007, with Google and Microsoft gaining at Yahoo’s expense by comScore’s numbers. Higher expenses in the first quarter led to shares of YHOO sinking after hours.

Google AdWords Gets Update Along w/ Outage
When I saw that Google had announced a new look for AdWords, my heart skipped a beat as I envisioned a sexy new interface that would put Yahoo’s recently launched Panama to shame. Alas, if it weren’t for the announcement, you get when logging in to AdWords, you may not have even noticed a change.

Viacom, Yahoo Sign Online Advertising Deal

A deal has been announced that will see Yahoo act as the exclusive provider of sponsored search and contextual ads to all of Viacom’s web properties.

Analysts and commentators have suggested that Viacom’s billion-dollar lawsuit against Google may have been as much a contributing factor as its confidence in Yahoo’s ability to effectively monetize traffic.

It appears that Google’s loss is Yahoo’s gain, at least when it comes to dealing with Viacom.

UK Yahoo Panama Migration Started w/ Full Launch In Q2
Account migration to Yahoos much anticipated Panama ad platform has already started in the UK. Yahoo are working with agencies & select advertisers as we speak to tighten up campaign structure to ensure the transition is smooth. The first ‘group’ of accounts will be fully migrated accross to the new platform over the next few weeks, before the initial launch.

Yahoo Admits Problem Clicks Reach 15%
Now that Yahoo CEO Terry Semel has gushed we expect to see “some very exciting numbers” in Q1 from Yahoo, in part due to the launch of Panama, the company has decided it’s time to tackle click fraud head-on.

Yahoo has today announced the promotion of Reggie Davis to a new position within the company – vice president of marketplace quality. Basically, his role will be to reduce the amount of click fraud on the Yahoo search network and improve relations with advertisers, or what CNET is calling a “click fraud czar.”

Along with the move comes details from Yahoo on the “discard rate” – similar to Google’s “invalid clicks” – it sees on the Yahoo Search Marketing platform.

Yahoo: Getting Up Off The Mat

Early statistics show that Yahoo is seeing an increase in revenue due to Project Panama, the company’s next generation platform for online advertising. With revenues heading in a positive direction for a change, and analysts praising the company for recent acquisitions, is it possible that Yahoo may be making a comeback?

Yahoo Is Back, Just Ask Them

The difficulties of 2006 have given Yahoo’s top executives new hope for this year, as early indications show their new advertising system has been working as advertised.

What Everyone Should Know About Yahoo Panama

With the end of 2006 Yahoo! officially uncovered the commonly known Panama Update. Since that time the accounts are being upgraded from the older systems to this fresh system. Not all the accounts have been upgraded, however, it is expected the task would be full and finally accomplished by the end of march, approximately. Yahoo! Panama is definitely a welcome change.

Pros and Cons of Yahoo Panama

Near the end of 2006 Yahoo officially unveiled the new back end for Yahoo Marketing Solutions, widely referred to as the

Yahoo Click Throughs On The Rise

Good news came to Yahoo! and it’s advertisers today in the form of a ComScore report. For those of you who read this blog regularly or, to be more accurate, any SEO blog regularly, you’ll recall that back on February 5th Yahoo! launched it’s new advertising system Panama. As one could expect, the changes have been monitored closely by Yahoo!

ComScore today released their finding on the changes in click through rates on Yahoo! ads. And they are:

Yahoo – Can it Catch Google?

I was asked by Business Week to provide an opinion piece on Yahoo’s new search marketing platform.

As an opinion piece, I was asked to pick one side and provide supporting evidence to back up my stance. As I’ve already stated how impressed I am with Panama, I went with the positive.

New Ranking Model Gives Yahoo A Boost
· 2

Three weeks ago, Yahoo introduced its new ranking model to the search world. Armed with new ad grouping, geo-targeting, and quality score features, the platform already seems to be yielding very positive results for the company.

Yahoo’s Local Ad Options At New Panama

The second part of Yahoo Local Advertising Options, Post-Panama at ClickZ has some fine tips on local search marketing. Patricia Hursh, the author of this writeup explains intricately which ad product is best for your online marketing needs.

Yahoo Sheds More Light On Quality Score

Last week, Yahoo launched its new Panama search platform amidst much buzz throughout the blogosphere. As part of the new model, Yahoo will be implementing a scoring system to determine ad quality, which will in turn have an influence on bid prices for keywords.

We’re less than two weeks into Panama, and already Yahoo has been more forthcoming with information concerning its quality score calculation that Google was within the first two months.

Yahoo Switching to Panama Platform Today

Monday February 5th, 2007, will be a day that goes down in search engine history. At 3pm PST today, Yahoo will bring together 30 to 40 engineers and start migrating the old Overture pay-per-click platform over to the new “Panama” model.

Panama Unlocks At Yahoo Today

It’s go time for Panama, the massively updated, long-awaited, advertising system Yahoo will debut this afternoon to its full complement of advertising clients.

Five Tips To Prepare For Yahoo Panama

The day after the Super Bowl is coming fast, and with it will be the formal, no-kidding, here it is, launch of the new Yahoo advertising system. Yahoo wants you to be ready for the switch.

AdCenter Scoffs At Panama

Anything Yahoo can do, Microsoft already did. In Microsoft’s opinion, they are doing it a lot better than Yahoo and think the portal will just keep on playing catchup when Panama arrives to take on adCenter.

Keyword Tools – The Changing Landscape

Recently the the seo community has been abuzz with news that the Yahoo/Overture keyword tool has not been functioning and that it may be gone permanently.

Industry Feedback – Yahoo’s Panama Migration

Some agencies quoted in popular press stories about Yahoo’s Panama migration would have you believe the process has been a snap — and that it has been so because they were particularly adroit in their “due diligence.”

Semel “Laser-Focused” On Search Business

Yahoo ended its fiscal year by announcing an early arrival for its Panama search advertising platform, and CEO Terry Semel thinks it will help their overall search business.

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