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A Mobile Device Wish List

Reuters via eWeek: Sony Corp. said on Wednesday it would stop making personal digital assistants for Japan in July…

PalmSource To Release Linux Version Of Palm OS

After completing their purchase of mobile phone company China MobileSoft, PalmSource indicated a Linux version of their software would soon be available. The acquisition allows PalmSource to concentrate on other mobile technologies besides smartphones and PDAs.

Getting Started With Palm Query Application Development

A Palm Query Application, or PQA as they are commonly called, is a special type of application for Palm VII devices that allows a user to interact wirelessly with Web content.

Multitasking on Tap for Palm OS

The next version of PalmSource Inc.’s handheld operating system will support true multitasking, bringing Palm OS 6.0 up to the level of its competitors and delighting developers who had been expecting it in the previous version.

Palm Unveils Plan to Capture China’s Handheld Market

Full Family of Products, Operational Presence, Distribution Partners And Technical Service Center Announced

RIM, Palm Team Up

PalmSource Inc. on Tuesday announced plans with Research in Motion Ltd. to run RIM’s wireless e-mail software on the Palm operating system.

A Day In The Life Of Mobile Handheld Computing

I’m not known to be a frequent flyer, however I do tend to be a frequent driver. I returned late last night from a several days long trip that went fairly well in general, however it ended up being a tragic event for my Palm Vx and OmniSky Modem.

My Palm is loaded with database information, documents in progress, bank account balances, usernames, passwords and pin numbers, web sites that I use for order processing, email, news, agenda and contact information. In short – my life is in this thing.