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Mary Anning: Influential Paleontologist Honored with Google Doodle

When it comes to paleontology, Mary Anning’s findings provide a bedrock. The British fossil collector and dealer, born in 1799, is said to have helped spark fundamental shifts in scientific thinking when it comes to prehistoric life. And today, Google is honoring her with a Doodle on their homepage. Today is the 215th anniversary of Anning’s birth in Lyme Regis, …

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Global Warming Causes Shrinking Mammals, Enlarged Reptiles

Phys.org noted a study published earlier this week by a University of Michigan paleontologist and his research team. They claim to have discovered a process of mammalian “dwarfing” that occurred during multiple climate warming events between 50 and 53 million years ago, and they say that it will probably happen again. Paleontologists were relatively aware of the 55-million-year-old Paleocene-Eocene Thermal …

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Fossilized Mosquito Found; Sadly Lacks Dino Blood

Smithsonian Magazine just put out a blog that chronicles the strange journey of a fossilized mosquito with ancient blood still contained in its stomach, reminiscent of Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster Jurassic Park. The ancient mosquito was unearthed in Montana’s Glacier National Park by a geology graduate student named Kurt Constenius, who picked it up during a fossil-hunting trip with his parents …

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Dinosaur Tail Fossil Found In Alberta

The fossil of a dinosaur tail was recently unearthed in Alberta, Canada. This news should excite paleontologists and dinosaur enthusiasts everywhere, since news like this has not been made aware to the public for quite some time. It is always exciting when humans are able to find things that they did not know existed before and whether it is a …

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Mammoth With Blood Intact Found In Siberia

A woolly mammoth was recently found preserved in Siberia with its blood intact. The find renews hopes that scientists may be able to bring the long-extinct species back with cloning. North-Eastern Federal University in Yakutsk reports that members of a paleontological expedition found a preserved female Woolly Mammoth on the Lyakhovsky Islands off the Novosibirsk archipelago. What made this particular …

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