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New Painkiller Zohydro: What Parents And Patients Need To Know

Painkiller junkies who’ve diligently done research are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a pill called Zohydro. Meanwhile, a well-meaning coalition of health professionals is also anticipating – the imminent demise of such existing abusers and legitimate patients alike. They are trying their hardest to prevent such tragedy from unfolding right up until the last minute, as the drug is set …

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Get Even Is A Next-Gen Shooter From The Folks Who Brought Us Painkiller HD

The Farm 51 made a name for itself in 2012 with the release of Painkiller Hell & Damnation. The remake of the original Painkiller kept the original game’s fast-paced gunplay in tact while updating the visuals to current gen standards. The team then took on the Quatermain mythos in Deadfall Adventures – a first person shooter/puzzle game hybrid that was …

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