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Paid Search in the UK – A Free Guide

E-consultancy has published a free 12- page briefing on the Paid Search industry in the UK.

The document is packed full of useful information, including:

Organic Search Lead Not Enough For Google
AdCenter Labs Features New Toys

New tools at Microsoft’s adCenter allow people to forecast keyword impression counts and demographics, and to detect location details from a search query.

The Geographic Detection tool works in a straightforward manner. Submit a query with a prominent destination like a business or lankmark, and it can provide additional details

AdCenter Scoffs At Panama

Anything Yahoo can do, Microsoft already did. In Microsoft’s opinion, they are doing it a lot better than Yahoo and think the portal will just keep on playing catchup when Panama arrives to take on adCenter.

Paid Search Tough to Manage

It’s no secret to those of us who deal with paid search every day that managing campaigns can be a handful.

Is Confidence in Paid Search Slipping?

Click fraud, a term that describes when a paid search ad is clicked on by someone other than an interested consumer (e.g., a third-party who profits from the click because they get a percentage of the ad revenue), is the 1000 lb gorilla in the jungle that is paid search. How’s that for a metaphor?

Comparing Organic Conversions with Paid Search

ClickZ summarizes a new WebSideStory summary that looked at the conversion rate of paid search compared with organic search.

How Paid Search Skills Translate to SEO

This post is a companion to our recent post titled, SEO skills that translate to paid search. Our theory as that the two disciplines are not that different, although there certainly are some distinctions between the skills we use for paid search versus SEO.

SEO Skills that Translate to Paid Search

Sometimes it may seem that natural search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search marketing are two entirely different animals.

Click-to-Call & the Future of Paid Search

You may notice a new icon while cruising the Google search results this summer. Once again, Google will be testing a Click-to-Call feature.