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Big Retailers Flunk Search Test
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So, while perusing Google’s Hot Trends today I noticed a particular brand of digital camera was one of the top gainers in search queries: the Polaroid T730 Compact 7mp digital camera. Curious as to what’s so special about it, I googled it, only to embark on one frustrating journey.

Google Ad Clicks Trickle Up In March
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No double-digit click increases for Google again in comScore’s assessment of paid click activity, as the firm found a mild 2.7 percent year over year rise in March.

Google Should Stick To Its Search Principles
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Please welcome Google to the damned-if-I-do-damned-if-don’t club. The superiority of search results is what led to Google’s dominance, and investors have pressured the company to get back to its core competency while raising revenue. As soon as they do, though, retailers pitch a fit because things become too fair.

Report: Paid Search Prices On The Rise

Companies hoping to ride out a recession may be able to rely on paid search advertising, according to a new report.  Natural search shouldn’t be forgotten, though, and paid search campaigns are likely to cost more than they have in the past.

ComScore: Paid Click Drop Doesn’t Doom Google
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Frantic speculation that a softening economy may be causing Google’s paid click numbers to suffer should be taken back a notch.

Microsoft Grabs WSJ Search Ad Deal

Unlike another well-known News Corp property, MySpace, the Wall Street Journal opened its search advertising opportunity to Microsoft.

New SEMPO Survey Open

The 4th annual SEMPO State of the Search Marketing Industry survey is now open. If you work client side, agency side or independent, be sure to take this survey and make your voice heard.

Paid Search To Take Off In Canada

Canadian revenues from online advertising hit C $1.01 billion (US $894 million) in 2006, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada, a jump of 80 percent in one year.

Impending Recession for Paid Search?

How did I miss this post by Steve Rubel? Tired of doomsaying in the Web 2.0 bubble realm, he recently predicted an impending recession for poor old Google, based on several factors.

AdCenter Tweaks Its Campaign Manager

The campaigns Microsoft advertisers manage through the company’s adCenter system should be easier to handle after a weekend of upgrades.

Google’s Paid Search vs. Organic Results – A Rickety Wall of Separation

"Chinese Wall – The ethical (not physical) barrier between different divisions of a financial (or other) institution to avoid conflict of interest…"


"While Google never sells better ranking in our search results, several other search engines combine pay-per-click or pay-for-inclusion results with their regular web search results."

Google’s Webmaster Help Center FAQ

Microsoft Tweaks adCenter Quality Ranking

In an acknowledgment of how relevance in search advertising has been so successful, Microsoft moved to give higher quality ranked ads a better shot at appearing.

Mortgage Downturn No Problem For Google

Concerns that have hammered the mortgage lending market and its ad budgets won’t trickle down to Google, or what lenders spend on Internet advertising.

Shop.org Summit: Secrets Of Paid Search

Click-through rates could be so much better for your site if you only…well, keep reading to see what some sharp industry pros had to say with their Paid Search Tips.

AdWords Formula Fixed For Top Spot
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Google’s advertisers should be a little happier with the ability to compete for top placement in AdWords, thanks to a tweak to the formula for calculating who grabs the top spot.

NY Post: Buy Sites, Not AdWords

The New York Post’s been a bit down on giving Google money for paid search lately. It may not be surprising to you that the NYP might be a little one-sided on this issue, even unnecessarily snarky, but there is, at least, an interesting concept presented: buying sites with good natural rankings to avoid AdWords altogether.

eBay Live, Paid Search

Steve Lobo, Senior Manager Search Marketing at eBay gave an informative talk on paid search at the eBay Live conference in Boston.

E-Commerce Sites Lead Paid Search

E-commerce sites are heavy users of search engine marketing; with each of the top ten search engine marketers being retail or comparison-shopping sites according to comScore qSearch Market report.

In March, close to 20 billion sponsored links were offered to U.S. Internet users from the top search engines. eBay was the top search engine marketer with 802 million sponsored link exposures.

Paid Search And Keywords

A recent WebTrends survey of 132 search marketers at the Emetrics Summit found that 81 percent had paid search campaigns on Google.

Google And Yahoo To Take 90% Of Paid Search

U.S. Internet users did 75. 8 percent of their January 2007 searches on Google or Yahoo, according to comScore media, and Nielsen//NetRatings found the combined total to be 76.4 percent.

Virginia Tech Tragedy Spurred Online News Boost

People searching for information and an understanding of the events surrounding the shootings on Virginia Tech’s campus hit online news sites in droves.