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Paid Link Reporting Spurs Furious Debate
· 8

Matt Cutts posted a note about Google being in position to handle paid link report submissions from the Internet community; Michael Gray complained about the fairness of the request.

Google Grateful For Your Webspam And Paid Links Reports
· 5

Give yourselves a hand, folks.  In Google’s fight against webspam and paid links, you’ve apparently played an important role, and in the future, the company’s hoping you’ll participate even more.

Exclusive: Google Leads People To NoFollow Help Center
· 7

Matt Cutts told Mike McDonald of WebProNews about something new from Google: the search advertising company opened a little help center on the topic of nofollows and links.

Network Solutions In Another Controversy
· 7

Network Solutions really didn’t need any more public relations disasters after the controversy of automatically registering searched-for domains and "protecting" them for a $35 fee. Though this new controversy may not be quite the hyperbole it’s made out to be in some places, it does come with some potentially serious issues.

Google Continues Downgrading Paid Link Sites
· 1

The pointy boot came down hard on more websites recently as Google knocked PageRank off sites for their paid link activities.

Fighting Google’s Paid Link Stance With Robots.txt
· 1

Andy Beard has hit upon a compromise between removing text links from his site and being summarily punished by Google for selling them.

A Loophole For Paid Links
· 11

It seems it was only a matter of time before the cleverer element of the SEO world developed a workaround for Google’s penalizing of paid links. The workaround involves a pretty creative "dynamic" linking strategy, and it’s playing a little bit dirty.

Manipulation and Profit Margins
Central hubs on the web fight off manipulation to keep their status and profit margins in tact. A side effect of this war on control over information access is the butchering of the English language.

Digg is Illegal?

Digg’s CEO Jay Adelson said:

Google vs. MSN on Paid Links and Cloaking
· 12

Don’t buy paid links! Paid links are bad! Don’t cloak either. Search engines don’t allow it. You’ve all heard this before right?

>>> What are your thoughts on paid links? Do you agree with Google’s hard line? Comment here

Google Loose with Editorially Approved Links

In an earlier post I chastised Google for giving straight links to partners, However now I’ve found a whole bunch more…

Google Not Following its Own Paid Link Rules

One of the more entertaining aspects of the entire paid links debate is Google is pretty quick to dole out the punishment, even though in many cases they haven’t taken the time to get their own house in order.

Google Squashed Seven SEO Standbys In ’07

Search optimization pros bade farewell to paid links and other techniques after Google made certain changes through the past year.

Paid Links and Google Kool Aid

Michael Gray doesn’t know who I am, I don’t expect him to. We sat next to each other one day at lunch during Pubcon, he is a polite, engaging guy, with obviously tons of knowledge in SEO/SEM field.

What Do You Think About Paid Links?
· 127

Paid links and PR drops were a hot topic at Pubcon Las Vegas last week. We talked to Matt Cutts about it in a video interview, and he explained it quite rationally.

Cutts, Sullivan Weigh In On Paid Links
· 41

The wild debate about Google’s increasingly hardline stance against paid links looks like Wimbledon, with Matt Cutts taking on Rich Skrenta, while Danny Sullivan volleys against Michael Gray.

PubCon: Treading Lightly On Link Buying
· 1

The dominant search engine, Google, doesn’t have a problem with nofollowed paid links, but few webmasters want to pay for something that brings minimal value to their sites.

The Paid Link Stages Of Grief
· 1

Let the bargaining begin. It’s a natural stage of mourning. As Google shuffles loose the paid links from its algorithms, SEOs are cycling past their initial denial, their outrage, and have begun negotiating. Stay tuned; depression and acceptance are likely to follow.

Paid Links Still Evil To Google
· 3

Google continues to beat the drum about passing PageRank through paid links as Matt Cutts weighed in on the topic with another request that webmasters use the ‘nofollow’ attribute for them.

Official: Google Penalizing Paid Links
· 1

 Google has officially said that buying and selling links that pass PageRank is a violation of the company’s Webmaster Guidelines, and can result in a drop in search rankings.

Google Busted Laundering Links?
· 2

Because Google has neglected to make certain links from its site nofollow, webmasters are wondering how, exactly, they differ from paid links. 

Google (Finally) Responds to Directory Question

The recent slap a handful of directories experienced was unaccompanied by an explanation from Google, though the general consensus (maybe) was that Google’s webspam team was sending a message. Weeks later, WebProNews has wrangled a response from Google’s Webmaster Central team – sort of.

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