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7 Million Search For iPhone In April 2008

According to comScore, the company that measures searches on the web, we searched seven million times for the Apple iPhone during the month of April, 2008. They also are reporting that Google delivered a disproportionate number of iPhone-related clicks.

Market Doesn’t Click With Google Ad Woes

A flat year-over-year February in paid clicks contributed to investor and analyst concerns about Google and today’s declines.

The other side of Google's loss: Yahoo's gain

Reports issued by Citigroup and Bear Stearns based on information from comScore about paid clicks noted the flat January suffered by Google, as well as a pleasant surprise for Yahoo.

Microsoft Gains Not Our Loss, Says Yahoo

By the raw numbers, comScore’s assessment of June’s search market share showed a 2.9 point rise for Microsoft, while Google, Yahoo, and Ask collectively lost 2.9 points. Yahoo said the reason for this isn’t a zero-sum calculation.