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YouTube Opens Up Paid Channels in a Big Way

If your YouTube channel is in good standing and you have 10,000 existing subscribers, there’s a good chance that you can now charge users to view your content if that’s something you wish to try. YouTube has just announced an expansion to the paid channels pilot that will allow more partners to participate. Eligible partners in good standing with over …

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YouTube’s Paid Channels May Be Off to a Slow Start

Back in May, after much speculation, YouTube finally unveiled their first-ever paid channels. Most costing a few dollars a month, the paid channels put exclusive content behind a paywall, ultimately changing an aspect of YouTube that users are quite comfortable with. Mainly, getting stuff for free as long as they can put up with some ads every now and then. …

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YouTube Paid Channels Are Here, Start At $0.99 A Month

Earlier this week, it was rumored that YouTube would roll out the oft-rumored paid channel subscriptions this week. That rumor was right on the money. YouTube announced today that it’s launching a pilot program that sees a number of its partners offering exclusive content behind a monthly fee. It says the move to paid channels was made after its partners …

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