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Landing Pages, Sales & A Life-sized Green Moose

In sales, everyone knows it’s a lot easier to call a potential client from a pre-qualified lead, rather than making a cold call.

KinderStart Sues Google Over PageRank
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KinderStart filed suit yesterday in U.S. District Court in San Jose alleging that Google improperly “blacklisted” its website.

Del.icio.us Vamps URL Check

Delicious has quietly rolled out a redesign to their URL pages that offers some pretty rich information such as the URL’s bookmarking history, user notes, common tags and more.

Interior Website Pages Sell

Many website owners don’t spend much time thinking about where their visitors enter their site. They usually want to see their traffic arrive through the website’s home page.

Simon’s JavaScript Tutorial

My only regret about missing the first half of ETech last week is that I didn’t get to attend Simon’s JavaScript Tutorial.

Flash SEO Guide

Many webmaster know that Google can read the text in their Flash files.

Tag Tutorial Time

Over at ProBlogger, Aaron Brazell has written an outstanding tutorial on how to integrate tags into your blog and why this is important.

Google Creates Web Pages

Any minor excitement over Microsoft’s Office Live beta and its free page-hosting option just evaporated, as Google now offers an easy-to-use web page creator and 100 MB of storage space.

Google Auctioning Print Ads

The search advertising company has expanded its magazine ad test to a broader number of magazines in three of its vertical markets. Google’s test of magazine ads began last summer, and involved two computer-oriented publications.

Adding Dynamically Generated Graphs/Charts to Web Pages and Applications
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Not so very long ago adding a graph or chart to a web page or application required a fair amount of programming knowledge and was rather time consuming for even the most experienced.

Google Plays With Search Result Pages

A report has begun to circulate that Google’s vaunted minimalist results pages now display graphs on the left side of the page.

Braille Doodle

Dennis Hwang has done it again, with a braille doodle to honor the birthday of Louis Braille.

Google Base Is In The Red

The homepage for Google Base has been tweaked a bit, with a much simpler look-and-feel and a few links in red.

Knowledge Management Creating a Sustainable Yellow Pages System
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How can I “know who knows”? None of us can personally know more than around 250 people, yet we want our companies to be smart, learning organisations where it’s easy to find the right person to talk to.

How to get a Flash Website Listed on the Search Engines

Flash-based websites are notoriously difficult to index in the search engines. Here we lay out some practical tips to help you overcome this barrier.

Topix Opens All News for Comments and Contributions

Topix.net, a news aggregation site and a CooperKatz client, today unleashed not only a new design but a bunch of new features.

eBay Wants To Be The Yellow Pages

They have the phone component in place from their purchase of Skype, and now eBay wants all the listings it can get to be the online resource for local search.

Gawker Media Lands Yahoo! News Syndication Deal

The gap between big media and micro media is narrowing.

Google Updates Sitemaps
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The webmaster-friendly project started by Google over the summer has its own blog and some new features available for its users.

Google Sitemaps makes a tool available that lets site publishers create a map Google’s spiders can use to more effectively index its content. On the official Google Blog, Grace Kwak posted about some new features in the Sitemaps service.

Amazon Adds Tags To Product Pages

Users browsing Amazon’s web site can add their tags to items, making them easier to remember and find when shopping later.

SEO For The New Google

For those who’s businesses rely on the Internet to produce revenue the latest Google update, nicknamed Jagger, was one of the biggest events in the past couple years (probably since the Florida Update of 2003).