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Log File Analysis and SEO

If you own or manage a website, you are probably already aware of the importance of your log files or site statistics.

MyBlogLog Community

Peter Davis ran with a theme I wrote about in The Long Tail of Linking – building a professional peer group.

Convert RSS Feeds to Dynamic HTML Web Pages

Many webmasters have realized the benefit of using RSS to dynamically update websites. This means that the website content automatically changes when the RSS feed is updated.

Functionalism and Web Analytics: The Basics

This is the second part in a series on Functionalism and Web Analytics.

How Google Can Find Your Secret Page

Amazingly enough, some webmasters haven’t learned about Google yet, and how easy it is to retrieve pages that have been poorly protected from being viewed.

Ajax Book Review

The first thing I should say is that this is a thoroughly enjoyable book. Ed Woychowsky is fun to read, and I could almost recommend this to you even if you have no interest in Ajax.

Using Landing Pages to Turn Visitors into Buyers

When a prospective client uses the internet to search for a product, he or she usually types a keyword or a phrase into a search engine and uses the results to find what he or she desires. If your ad is among those listings, you therefore have a much better shot at having prospective clients visit your website to find out what information you have, and what you are offering.

AdWords API Gets A Java Fix

Developers who work with Java and Google AdWords will be delighted to see the newest release from Google’s AdWords API team.

Webmaster Questions for CMS Developers

Before Oneupweb, I worked at an online children’s store. One of my many duties there (my desk was always covered in toys) was to manage our store’s migration to an entirely new e-commerce platform.

Top 10 Incredibly Stupid Landing Page Blunders Revealed!

Marketers are investing a lot of money in PPC ads, but it appears that too many of them are neglecting the quality of their landing pages.

Yahoo Helps Connect Webmasters And Search

Yahoo has been making an effort to be more available to webmasters everywhere by offering online help and resources, and a way to submit feedback to the Yahoo Search team.

AIM Spears Triton 1.5 Preview

A new version of the AIM Triton service, Preview Edition 1.5, became available from AOL and delivered integration with some recently released features.

AIM Pages Users For Social Network

AOL is going up against MySpace and other sites as it attempts to draw some of the younger online crowd to base their profiles where they do their instant messaging.

Teens May Not Go Trading Spaces

TechCrunch has more information on AIM Pages, AOL’s effort to court the MySpace crowd.

Amazon A9 / Alexa Using Windows Live

Alexa, the oft-used but never trusted web stats site has switched over its search engine from Google to Windows Live, proudly displaying the new “powered by Windows Live” logo on search results pages.

PBS.org Discovers The Joy Of AdWords

An experiment in using contextual advertising to raise funds for the Public Broadcasting Service brought Google’s ubiquitous advertising to the broadcaster’s website.

Optimizing Your Asp.Net Pages for Faster Loading and Better Performance

If you read all of the websites dedicated to Asp.Net you will inevitably read about the wonders of the DataGrid, DataList, and Repeater controls. While each of these has its place, if you are only displaying data there is a much faster and more efficient means to do so.

Google MediaBot Indexes Web Pages

Google’s Matt Cutts confirmed that the AdSense Mediapartners bot, commonly known as “mediabot,” is indexing webpages for Google’s Big Daddy index, according to some well-known bloggers. What that means to webmasters: having two versions of a webpage (one for each bot) can get you into duplicate content issues.

Local Search Kills Internet Yellow Pages

A session on local search at WebmasterWorld’s PubCon Boston covered some of the essential points on making one’s business part of an Internet user’s local experience; our Mike McDonald passed along the details.

Google Changed the Web from Sites to Pages

I don’t link to Seth Godin too often, but he does have an interesting observation on how Google changed the way businesses should look at their web content.

Printed Yellow Pages Adopts Pay-Per-Call

Art imitating life, Web imitating print, and now it’s print imitating Web. Since December, says the Associated Press, Verizon has been testing an auction model in its printed Boston Yellow Pages.