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Downtime Can Get Sites Deindexed By Google

It seems that sites with considerable downtime can be deindexed by Google. In fact, a member at Google Groups has reported that his site has vanished from a previously third position for many searches. The reason could be downtime.

Vanessa Fox has responded by saying:

Get That Site Back Up Before It’s Delisted

If you’re site goes down for whatever reason, get it back up quickly or risk being de-listed from Google’s index.

Though it has been thought there may be somewhat of a grace period, it now seems robots only notice what’s there when they arrive.

Google SEO

Often times we are asked how we optimize for one search engine (Google) and expect to rank well for the other two engines (Yahoo! and MSN). This question is usually followed up with “do you guys create different doorway pages for each keyword, that is optimized for each algorithm?”.

EBay Lets Britney’s Hair Down
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The phrase "only in America" has never been more apropos. And the phrase "Britney shaved" has never had such an ironic connotation. And eBay has never been quicker to remove a listing (can’t really back up that last part).


Reports are surfacing throughout the blogosphere concerning the ever-growing recesses of Google’s supplemental results. Now more than ever, sites that were once highly ranked in the main index are beginning to find themselves in the confines of the supplemental index.

Some have likened Google’s supplemental index to a virtual refuse pile, an online prison where all sorts of outdated web content are doomed to a fate of obscurity for all time.

Optimizing for Yellow Pages

How many AAA companies do you know of? AAA insurance did it most notably with insurance. Insurance is competitive.

Increase Amount of Pages Yahoo Indexes on your Site

Recently we had the chance to speak with Tim Mayer about Yahoo’s Search Builder product.

iPhone Has An iTwin, Made By LG

It didn’t take Cisco long to slap Apple for a severe case of hubris in launching a product with the same name as a Cisco product. It also didn’t take Engadget long to notice that Apple’s version looks strikingly similar to an LG phone that recently won the International Forum Design Product Design Award for 2007.

Landing Pages and the Customer’s State of Knowledge

I wrote before about creating landing pages completely focused on the use of words that your customers use.

Google Joins Forces with China Mobile

Google in early 2006 promised they’ll “be making significant and growing investments in China”, with their self-censored Google China search engine being “a necessary first step”.

Escaping Google’s Supplemental Dead Zone

Recently throughout the blogosphere, a discussion has begun to gain steam about how exactly Google’s supplemental results are determined, and what steps webmasters can take in order to rescue these left-for-dead pages and return them to the main index.

ASP.NET 2.0: Asynchronous Pages
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In ASP.NET 2.0 it is now possible to create asynchronous pages in a very simple and easy way.

Optimizing Pages for Link or Profit Potential

Each web page can be optimized for conversion or linkability, but few pages are well optimized for both. That is part of why search as a business model works so well. The signals of quality that search engines look for are typically associated with information, not pages that convert well, thus those who have overtly conversion oriented sites and pages have to buy advertising.

Hosted Business Pages From Google

Google now hosts AdWords landing pages for those people who don’t have a website of their own.

Do Ugly Sites Sell More?

I came across The Surprising Truth About Ugly Websites, an article pointing out the benefits of having an ugly website. Can it be true that ugly websites sell more than their attractive counterparts? I don’t think so.

Advice for Search Marketing Firms

Back in September, I posted the Top 10 Mistakes Search Marketing Firms Make.

Identifying the MDA for Optimized Site Pages

Identifying the MDA for Optimized Site Pages

“Killer” MySpace Pages
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The latest complaint to social-networking site MySpace comes from city officials in Houston, Texas, who claim that MySpace pages are being used to glorify killers.

French Publishers Sue Google Over Torn Pages

The French Publishers Association (SNE) has joined a lawsuit targeting the Google Book Search service. The group’s objections stem from its interpretation of intellectual property laws. It also – this is not a joke – objects to the way in which Google depicts search results as “ragged-edged” pieces of paper.

Adding Social Bookmark Links to ASP.NET Pages

Social bookmarking is often thought of as being something used only on blogs. That’s probably because you only see them on blogs, when they in fact could be used at most other types of websites as well.

Optimize Landing Pages with Google Website Optimizer

I’ve long been a fan of tools like Optimost, Verster, and Offermatica which allow marketers to do multivariable testing to find the best possible converting landing pages for their ad campaigns.