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AOL Latino Goes Social

AOL Latino has launched Latino AIM Pages, a social networking service built on the AIM platform.

How Important is the Homepage?

Seth Godin, on his blog, wrote "Do you really need a home page? Does the web respect it?".

Here is what he wrote:

Human beings don’t have home pages. People make judgments about you in a thousand different ways. By what they hear from others, by the way they experience you, and on and on. Companies may have a website, but they don’t have a home page in terms of the way people experience them.

Web Analytics News

Up here in British Columbia, Canada we are wrapping up a well deserved long weekend. To start this short work week I’d like to give a shout out to all the excellent web analytics related articles/posts from last week.

Blog Post Knocks $4 billion off Apple Market Cap

A supposedly false-alarm that Apple’s Leopard (their next OS) and their much-talked-gadget-phone iPhone being delayed, caused their stock to nose-dive knocking over $4 billion off their Market Cap. This is indeed a phenomenal development in the Blogosphere – a blog article can have that fundamental effect in the real work and real money.

Better B2B Landing Pages

If want to make Google richer without making any money yourself, then stop reading. You don’t need to worry about conversion rates or landing pages. But if you want to grow your own revenue using search engine marketing, then you must pay attention to converting your clicks into leads.

Is Your Copy Award-winning?

Those of you who have followed this blog for any length of time know that I care a lot about copywriting. Good copy is crucial for getting your site found and for getting customers to buy. But most of us, in private moments, might admit that we don’t spend as much time crafting our copy as we should. Are you ready to put yours to the test?

Optimize for Local Search Traffic

Getting local search engine traffic is one of the things that small businesses aspire to. Some even don’t know they can increase the amount of local visitors by improving their website. So what can a local small business do to get the long-wanted local traffic?

What is local search?

Before we list things to do on your site to improve your local search engine traffic, we need to define what we want. This will help us to actually get what we want.

Bill Gates Predicts End Of Yellow Pages
· 19

Technology will advance so far for local advertising that when voice and data truly combine on mobile phones, the usage of venerable yellow page directories to find businesses will be near zero for anyone under 50.

Bill Gates Predicts End Of Yellow Pages
Bill Gates Predicts End Of Yellow Pages
Bill Gates Predicts End Of Yellow Pages
AdSense Accounts Receiving An Upgrade

Logging in to AdSense will soon require those users to upgrade their accounts to the full Google Accounts experience.

SES: Search Supports Sitemaps Autodiscovery

Major search engines Ask, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo jointly announced at SES New York their support of a new feature that makes sitemaps more valuable to webmasters.

Search Engine Friendly Pages and Domain Names
Last week I wrote that a search engine friendly website is not the same as a search engine optimized website. While that is a good article in and of itself, I’m using that as a jump off point to start a short series on the topic of building a search engine friendly website. Just in case you haven’t caught on yet, this is the first post in that series.

Get A Clue, Viacom, Says Google

The media company wants to rewrite existing copyright laws to suit itself, Google has charged in response to Viacom’s op-ed piece in the Washington Post about the billion dollar copyright infringement lawsuit against YouTube.

SEO & Accessibility Prevent Lawsuits, Increase Visibility

The WorldWide Web Consortium (W3C), in May 0f 1999, issued Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, which outlined methods of making web content easily accessible to the visually and physically impaired. In those guidelines the W3C stated plainly,

SEO and the Presidential Candidates
· 1

A recent article posted on Slashdot looked at various website design points of the top 6 Presidential Candidates.

No More Search Results In Google SERPs?
· 3

Google employees are hinting (strongly) that the search engine is being more discriminatory about website search results appearing in Google’s search results. That cross-mojonation, if you will, isn’t what searchers want.

And while that seems simple on the surface – a search result leading to another search result in a vicious cycle is pretty frustrating for most users – it leaves a lot to think about from the webmaster side.

Submitting Pages to Ask.com’s Search Index

A Search Engine Watch Forums post inquires on the way to get site indexed in Ask.com.

Ask.com’s Webmasters page says that its crawlers go around the web from one link to another looking for significant content.

Two Copies of Pages Indexed in Google

I did a `site:www.convertup.com` in Google only to find that 2 copies of all my pages were being indexed. One without a trailing slash which was going into Google

Citysearch Reviews Deal For Insider Pages

A reviews-based local search company that had not fared well in the battle for eyeballs will become part of IAC’s Citysearch.

Insider Pages will be on the move, as they give up their Redwood City offices in favor of IAC’s four walls. Citysearch will plug in Insider Pages’ user reviews of local businesses, and have over a million of them to offer visitors.

Comment Spam, Long Copy Referrer Pages & SEO Tools

Just about everyone knows that spam is part and parcel of life. We just live with it and try to do our best to minimise the impact it has on our daily lives. Unfortunately spam is a particular issue for the SEO industry, as unscrupulous search marketers often turn to spamming techniques to make a quick dollar.

Load Times for Web Pages

I have been experiencing slow website load times over the last little while so I thought I’d investigate and find out what the causes were.

The first tool I used was: Web Page Analyzer which has the ability to analyze all the various components and code blocks of a website. The main areas of importance include:

– Page load time at various Internet connection speeds
– The size and number of objects within the specified page

Should SEOs Avoid Sitemaps?
· 1

Rand Fishkin recently posted an interesting concept on his SEOmoz.org blog about sitemaps. For those of you keeping score at home, a sitemap is a document (typically xml) that sits on your server and helps search engine spiders crawl and index your site. Sounds great, right? Maybe… maybe not. Rand theorizes these sitemaps may actually be bad for your SEO efforts.

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