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Superpages Adds More User-Generated Content

About a week ago, Idearc announced that Superpages.com had introduced more user-content features.

Build Links While Publishing Your Full RSS Feed

Many bloggers have been touting the benefits of publishing your full blog or site’s full RSS feed. In fact, they have been talking about it for a long time. But did you know that most likely even if you are publishing your full RSS feed you are not taking advantages of its link building benefits?

Facebook Introduces Product Pages

Facebook’s Social Ads program already has some people upset, and at first glance, new product pages just look like another way in which users might be turned into billboards.  But whether this is or isn’t the case, the pages are already catching on.

Junnoon's Facebook Page

Using Google Date Based Filters to Detect Link Building…

Tips on How to Use Google Indexing Date Filters

Nofollow Outbound Links on Home & Category Pages

As you might have seen, I have now nofollowed all outbound links on my homepage and category pages.

Facebook App Pages Now Searchable

Some of Facebook’s applications have attracted thousands of users.  Others have become routine targets of ridicule.  Yet, with a new move to open up the Application Directory and “About Us” pages to search engines and non-members, Facebook is probably trying to capitalize on that first fact.

RSF: China Blocked Google Sites
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A high level meeting of China’s Communist government took place this week, during which time Reporters Without Borders said China redirected certain Internet traffic to Baidu.

Top Challenges for B2B Demand Generation Marketers
I’m here at the MarketingSherpa B2B Demand Generation Summit in Boston. The opening session was by Sean Donahue, Senior Editor for B-to-B Marketing at MarketingSherpa. In it, he shared the top five challenges faced by B2B marketers. I was especially intrigued by challenges 3, 4, and 5.

1. The Growing Committee

Blocking Adwords Qualified Professional Pages
In a thread titled, "Qualified professionals blocked on Google" at WebmasterWorld, a new face of Google came into limelight.

Landing Pages and Spoken Words

Can you couple audio with white paper landing pages and improve online registrations?

Read on to find the answer.

I was recently hosting a teleclass with lead generation expert Brian Carroll. One of the attendees asked about marketing strategies with white papers.

Brian brought up an idea I had not heard and frankly I think it is brilliant. He said:

Is Google Hitting Directory Links?
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Algorithmic flux or selective penalization? Nobody’s sure and nobody that can answer is talking so far, but paid link directories have been plummeting in Google search results. Many are not ranking for their own business name, according to reports, even though webmasters have not received penalty notices.

SES: Avoid Those Rough Landing Pages

Your budget just took a charge for a click, and a potential conversion will hit your landing page in a second. Session panelists at SES San Jose talked about what those arrivals should find when they land.

Got Landing Pages? Yahoo’s Got Suggestions

Michael Mattis has nine hints about landing page optimization that should make the lives of site publishers a little easier.

AOL Wins Over Neuf Cegetel In France

AOL France scored a deal with Neuf Cegetel to provide content, marketing, and advertising for its portal websites.

Wikipedia’s Google Penetration
Via ThreadWatch, this study of where Wikipedia pages appear in Google results for a search for that phrase, and found that in about 580 out of 600 randomly chosen Wikipedia pages, the Wikipedia page appeared in Google’s top 10. That’s just incredible, a number we can pretty much point to and show how much power Wikipedia has in Google, with 96.66% of those pages surveyed making it into the top 10. The only ones that didn’t make it:

Email Marketing And Landing Pages
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Email marketing campaigns need better landing pages according to a Silverpop study "8 Seconds to Capture Attention: Silverpop’s Landing Page Report."

Mahalo – Search Results Inside Search Results?
So I was just reading a post by Graywolf about the Mahalo blog giving out nice free links to sites they would never include in their own search results for being to ’spammy’ and started poking around the new human search engine.

Ways Webmasters Create Duplicate Content

At the recent SMX Advanced Conference in Seattle one of the big sessions was on duplicate content. There is great blow by blow coverage in posts by Vanessa Fox and by Chris Boggs.

Google Files Net Neutrality Pleas With FCC

While the world seems to be waking up to a larger, more powerful Google than they anticipated, the company’s heft can work to the consumer’s advantage, especially in matters of government influence (da gov’ment does seem to prefer corporations over its citizens). On Friday, Google filed 47 pages worth of comments with the FCC about Net Neutrality.

Google Introduces AdWords Business Pages In AU

Compared to much of the rest of the world, the nation of Australia is pretty young – you might say it got off to a late start.  Google’s doing its best to help the country’s inhabitants catch up, however, and in Australia and New Zealand, the search engine company recently introduced AdWords Business Pages in an attempt to get more businesses online.

SMX: Matt Cutts You & A

Renowned Google Matt Cutts sat down with Danny Sullivan and the SMX Advanced attendees for a Q&A session.

Here are some of the highlights–and since it’s Friday afternoon, here’s a bit of a twist for you. (Don’t worry, unless you really like these, I’ll be putting the rest of my notes up in a more straightforward format in a little while.)

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