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New Google Backlinks Update

A Google backlinks update is now on its way! You can see some changes via the “link:” command in Google.

Relationship Between PageRank And Number Of Backlinks

On the forums or by email I am often asked the following sort of question: “How many Backlinks do I need to get in order to have PR5?”. The answer is simple and always the same one: “This question cannot be answered because the PR doesn’t only depend on the number of backlinks, it also and above all depends on the PR of each of those links…” Or to put it differently, a page can have PR5 with a single backlink whereas another one can have 3,000 backlinks and PR5 too.

Monster Blogging

I’m a little late here, but it looks like Monster.com is getting serious about blogging.

Can PageRank Be Taken Away

When discussing a site’s PageRank, talk usually focuses on ways of increasing it; “How can I go from a PR 3 to a PR 7″ or “If I exchange a link that has a higher PR site, will my site benefit”. Because of the public perception of Google/Stanford’s formula, rarely do you come across an individual looking for ways to lower PageRank.

WebProNews In The Blogs
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On any given day, WebProNews content is discussed in the blogoshphere. What content are they linking to.

Linking Psychosis is Treatable. Link Obsession & PageRank

Search Engine Optimization has become inextricably linked with linking schemes over the last couple of years.

PageRank: a True Commodity
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What is PageRank Worth?

Whatever people are willing to pay for it. Nothing more, nothing less…

Toolbar PageRank: Over-hyped?

Last week, as Brittany tells us here, Google updated its Page Rank and backlinks. As I’m sure most of you know, every few weeks Google does a similar update and without fail -as sure as day follows night, the SEO community immediately starts humming with the excited chatter of their shiny new Toolbar Page Rank (henceforth TPR). When I see these updates and the ensuing furor that results from a little green bar moving 1/8th of an inch, four words come to mind: don’t believe the hype.

5 Steps to Increase your Google Page Rank.
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Google Page rank is based on back links. Back links are Links pointing to your website from another website. The more back links you have the higher your PR will be.

Google Update Causes PageRank Mania
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Google updated PageRank and backlinks Tuesday night, at approximately 8:30 PM (EST), SERoundtable announced Wednesday.

Google And The Buying Of Links

One popular method of raising rankings is the buying of links from high PageRank sites that often have no relevance to the subject of the buyer’s site. Google discourages this practice, stating, “Many sites that advertise link-sharing programs not only offer little value., but will distribute your email address without your permission.”

Don’t Get Scammed When Buying Links

Links have been a factor in ranking well in the SERPs for a long time now, but recently they have become much more important, especially when seeking high rankings on Google. Because of this, incoming links have turned into a hot commodity, especially from high PageRank sites.

Teoma Search Apparently Allows Mirroring

With thanks once again going to Andy Beal, WebProNews has discovered a bad case of spam on Teoma’s search engine results. A search for the keywords “company names” finds that one site has several mirrored listings in the resources section.

Banking PageRank For Non-Existant Sites

Our “New Google Bomb” discussion in WebProWorld is one of our most popular to date, but the question remains, how does this phenomenon affect search optimization?

Old Google Link Allows PageRank Sales

WebProWorld’s been buzzing with talk of a link on one of Google’s pages to a page (with PR 9) that sells links. That’s right – it appeared that Google was deliberately sending PR to a page whose business was selling text links to the highest bidder.

Sites With Blocked PageRank

Some sites that sell text links get their PageRank banned – in other words, Google reduces the value of their outbound links to nothing. Their PageRank still appears at normal levels, but the PageRank is not passed to any pages they link to.

Google’s Broken Heart: PageRank Under Attack

“The heart of our software is PageRank.” This quote, from Google’s PageRank description page, contradicts opinions and hypothesis posted on forums, blogs and articles around the web. One search developer even called PageRank “a silly idea in practice.” Evidence points to Google not using “classic PageRank” in their algorithm at all these days, and many consider it all but dead.

Google’s Ghost PageRank
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A thread at the HighRanking forum discusses a Tripod site’s rapid rise to a PageRank of 5. Jill Whalen, who owns the forum, suggested it could be a result of ghost PageRank.

The Fractional PageRank Hypothesis

Those who watch their PageRank closely may be interested in this purely speculative concept from the fine folks at SEORoundtable – fractional PageRank.

The Google Support Newsgroup FAQ

Tomi Hs compiled all the frequently asked questions he’s encountered as a member of the google.public.support.general newsgroup over the years and broke them down into seven sections on this useful but unglamorous site.

Latest Google PageRank Update

Google updated PageRank on the 7th, a fact noted in many forums, including WebProWorld.