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A Collected Google PageRank Primer

Admit it, you dream about PageRank, how to improve yours, why some attempts to improve it work while others leave you wondering why your site vanished from Google for the third time in eight months.

PageRank Panhandlers Beg Links on Street Corners – Get a Job!

I get a steady stream of link requests for three of my own sites and a half dozen others that I manage for clients. For about the last year, I’ve had a standard template reply that I send to all link panhandlers.

New Google PageRank, Backlinks On Tap
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Google’s resident rock star, Matt Cutts, has posted that a little Google Dance is underway again. Google probably doesn’t derive any pleasure from sending the ranks of SEO and SEM pros hustling to tweak hundreds of web sites for better placement each time they update.

Time To Check Your Google Ranking
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One of the more important tasks in relation to search engine indices involves the keeping this content fresh and up to date. To accomplish this, search engines have developed a number of procedures designed to refresh and update their respective databases. In all likelihood, the most popular of these events has to be when Google performs a backlink and PageRank update, which happens throughout the year at determined intervals.

Google’s Take on Buying Links For PageRank

Link building is one of the more debated topics when it comes to search engine optimization. Topics of discussion range from the best way to attract natural links to the subject of link buying, which is probably the most contentious subject.

The Real Value of Press Releases, Search Engine Marketing

I’ve been following a meme lately on the value of press releases. Amy Gahran suggests, from the standpoint of their value as a PR mechanism, that they need to be put out of their misery.

Another PageRank Update Is Underway

It actually started last night, but yes, Google is in the process of updating PageRank to the usual fanfare. As mentioned before, when Google does an update like PageRank or backlinks, people flock to the forums to discuss the results.

Does The Google Sandbox Allow For PageRank Increases

While it’s true that the impact of Google’s mythical PageRank score can be debated ad nauseam, one thing remains clear, whether or not a high PageRank is beneficial, many still harbor concerns over low scores and wonder how to improve them.

Google PageRank Dashboard Widget Released For Mac
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Because the Google Toolbar is only designed for Internet Explorer, if other browser users want to view a site’s Google PageRank, they have to install different types of extensions and what not to do so.

Google PageRank Outage on Google Toolbar

The Google PageRank indicator isn’t displaying anything resembling green, on the ubiquitous Google toolbar.

Internet Directories See PageRank Removed

Internet directories function in a way similar to a university’s student directory or a telephone directory: it gives site owners a service that can bring exposure to their web site.

PageRank – Shattering the Myth

One of the most fascinating aspects of the web is its dynamism. We all know that it develops at an astonishing speed – yesterday’s craze is today’s old news, and bigger and better things seem to be springing up every few days. Some of them crumble quickly into dust, while others seem destined to tower above the rest.

Google PageRank FAQs
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Google PageRank (one word) is Google’s measure of the relative importance of a web page on the internet. The numbers rank from 0 to 10.

Links: Your questions answered
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What are links?

Links are the pathways created by website owners that lead from one website to another. The internet was built on this series of interconnections between sites. Links are seen on virtually every page on the internet, ready to be clicked by the mouse, and send the internet surfer to another page either on the same site, or to a different website entirely.

Firefox Extensions For Google Users
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It seems 39% of my website’s readers are browsing with Mozilla Firefox, with a dwindling 49% on Internet Explorer. In light of this, I thought it would be useful to list all the Firefox extensions I could find that perform some sort of function relating to Google.

Become Introduces Their Version of PageRank

Become.com is hoping to do for shopping searches, what Google did for web searches.

Should Bloggers be Helping Google Fix Their PageRank System?

By now, most bloggers have heard the announcement that the Big 3 search engines – Google, Yahoo, and MSN – have united in support of a new tag that will supposedly combat comment spam.

Google to Put Kibosh on Blog Comment Spam

On the surface, when Dave Winer put up a placeholder post this weekend on the Bloggercon site …

PageRank – The Game Keeps Changing

Chris Richardson wrote last Friday that the feathers of the SEO community were ruffled when a Google’s representative said that the PageRank bar in the Google Toolbar was for “entertainment purposes only” This was quickly countered by Google Guy, who is the regular but anonymous, go-between Google and the SEO community.

Google PageRank Entertaining Us?

There was a rumor going around that Google’s PageRank Toolbar display should only be used for entertainment, meaning that the green bar is not an accurate account of a site’s PageRank.

Google PageRank is for Entertainment Purposes Only?

Barry Schwartz reports that Google is telling toolbar users that the PageRank displayed is for “entertainment purposes only” and is not the same PageRank that it uses in its algorithm.

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