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Google Supplemental Label Out. What Next, PageRank?
Which item published by Google is:

How To Dump The Link Sluts

Though the future is still uncertain for the overall importance of links, the quantity and quality of inbound links, for rankings, they are, for the time being, the surest way to improve search engine rankings. Aside, of course, from great content.

Don’t Crash The Next Google Dance

The Single Grain blog suggests that with PageRank updates happening roughly every three months, there are five ways to put one’s blog into position for a boost. Three of them could make your dancing feet all thumbs, though.

Google & the WWW Issue
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It would appear as if both www and non-www versions of websites are no longer being treated by Google as separate pages, at least where Page Rank is concerned.

We know that the visible PR in the tool bars is only a loose indication of a site’s actual PR, but it can still be frustrating when you see a low PR for the non-www version, and a higher PR for domains with the www. Recently we have noticed that the PR displayed is now the same for both versions.

Reasons for Deep Linking

While writing a post, always try to link to some older posts with absolute paths.

Sites With PageRank 10 And 9

Scott Vivian has written an article on PageRank domains with a PageRank of 9 and 10.

He says:

Google Selling PR7 Links For $10k!

While doing some research, an astute coworker of mine noticed that the Google Enterprise Solutions page has links to their partners’ websites who are part of their Enterprise program. What’s interesting about this is that the page has a Google PageRank of 7/10, and to get listed on that page you have to pay Google $10,000 per year to be part of their program.

301 Redirects Pass Google PageRank In 2 Weeks

Search Engine Roundtable reports that 301 Redirects Pass Google PageRank & Signals in a "Couple Weeks". SEOs and Webmasters have always queried about the time taken for a site to pass along a PageRank value from one URL to another via a 301 redirect.

Cutts: PageRank Zero Problem Fixed

Reach for your copy of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and press the DON’T PANIC! button; the problem with some sites seeing a zero PageRank after Google’s latest update should be corrected by now.

Cache Date – New Google PageRank

Given Google’s reliance on core domain authority and displaying outdated PageRank scores, cache date is a much better measure of the authority of a particular page or site than PageRank is.

PageRank, According To Lots Of Math

If you want to understand PageRank – really, really understand it – a new paper from David Austin will help you do just that. The trouble is, you’ll need to be comfortable with some fairly high-level math in order to get through the paper – it’s actually being featured by the American Mathematical Society.

Google Lags In Public Research
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Earlier this week, John Battelle took a look at “the practice of academic publishing in the field of search,” and more specifically, at how many papers were submitted by each of the major search companies at a recent conference. The results: it seems as if Google doesn’t play well with others, at least as far as research papers are concerned.

MSN Live Banning Reciprocal Link Exchange Spam

The headline above may be a bit premature as the claimed email received from MSN search team by a SearchEngineWatch forums member has not been acknowledged as coming from Microsoft. A quote:

Matt Cutts Talks PageRank

The guide to Google’s world takes your coin*, ushers you into the boat, and guides you across the river to the place where search’s great adventure resides – his blog post on PageRank.

Google PageRank Update

According to WebMastersWorld Forum there is a Google PageRank update happening right now.

Judge Dismisses KinderStart’s Google Claims

KinderStart.com’s attempts to convince a judge that Google had unfairly lowered its PageRank, were dismissed last week.

Listing Supporters = Selling PageRank?

Emad Fanous has a post on how the W3C, the internet standards consortium, is listing its top supporters on a page with a massive PageRank.

KinderStart.com Loses PageRank So Sues Google

KinderStart.com should take the money they’re going to waste on suing Google and spend it on AdWords instead.

KinderStart Sues Google Over PageRank
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KinderStart filed suit yesterday in U.S. District Court in San Jose alleging that Google improperly “blacklisted” its website.

The (Un)Importance Of PageRank
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Another Google PageRank update appears to be underway or near completion. What that means for search engine optimization is a matter of debate inside the industry. But along PageRank toolbars, ranking has increased for lower ranked sites while it has decreased for previously higher ranked sites.

Talk Digger 2.0 Blog URL Metasearch Simply Rocks

The team at our agency has been gushing of late over Talk Digger and I can certainly see why.

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