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10 Ways To Increase Pages Indexed
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For a while now webmasters have fretted over why all of the pages of their website are not indexed. As usual there doesn’t seem to be any definite answer. But some things are definite, if not automatic, and some things seem like pretty darn good guesses.

Addressing Assumptions of the Original PageRank

When the original PageRank algorithm was conceived, it was built around the a mathematical formalization called random walk or RW.

Webmasters Ponder PageRank Discrepancy
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An update to the Google Directory has webmasters puzzling over an apparent discrepancy in PageRank scores.

Google Directory Updated from DMOZ Data?

I know a segment of my readers are sick to death with anything to do with Google PageRank updates, and I haven’t even bothered mentioning the most recent update up until now… there wasn’t really anything newsworthy in it.

Google Not Following its Own Paid Link Rules

One of the more entertaining aspects of the entire paid links debate is Google is pretty quick to dole out the punishment, even though in many cases they haven’t taken the time to get their own house in order.

Hospitals Could Google For Superbug Movement

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) poses a deadly threat to people, especially hospital patients. One effort to track infections in a facility would utilize Google’s PageRank algorithm to do so.

Did Google Use Poor Timing for Updates?

The Guardian newspaper have today written an article titled Is Google a Grinch or a good guy?, which asks many UK SEO’s (myself included) for their views on the recent Google paid link debate.

Cutts, Sullivan Weigh In On Paid Links
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The wild debate about Google’s increasingly hardline stance against paid links looks like Wimbledon, with Matt Cutts taking on Rich Skrenta, while Danny Sullivan volleys against Michael Gray.

Paid Links Still Evil To Google
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Google continues to beat the drum about passing PageRank through paid links as Matt Cutts weighed in on the topic with another request that webmasters use the ‘nofollow’ attribute for them.

Debunking WordPress SEO “Expert” Articles

I am going to attempt to debunk almost every Wordpress SEO "Expert" article ever written, and in some respects this article even debunks some of the things I have written in the past.

Monday Morning Link Fest …
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From Apple to Microsoft to Google, there is hot news written. Below are some of the more interesting articles involving eBusiness and search today.

Another obvious patent gets paid off by Apple. Apple has agreed to pay Burst a $10 million payment for infringing on its 1990 streaming video technology patent.

PayPerPost Bloggers Unranked By Google

PageRank zero became the big number for blogs participating in Izea’s PayPerPost program; Google’s move to drop the rankings of those blogs drew a harsh rebuke from Izea’s CEO.

More PageRank Carnage

I have been receiving emails and comments about yet another PageRank downturn for multiple sites.

Andrew Ooi has compiled a short list of Malaysian sites, many were as much as a PR5 previously, and currently show a PageRank of zero (a white bar)

Examples include:-

Colleen’s Simple Kind of Life and 5xmom

The numbers seem to be stable across multiple data centers

Will Google Offer PayPerPost Bloggers Amnesty?

Since the first real information came out about Izea’s (PayPerPost) new SocialSpark service, that is in testing but will formerly launch in January my excitement has been a little tempered.

Yes, Google Admits Torching Your PageRank
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Paid links proved the PageRank undoing for search professionals as well as for prominent sites like The Washington Post, but only recently did Google confess to doing this.

Marketers Begin Search For World Without Google

After Google’s little message to the link-selling public last week, there seems to be a consensus: It was more of a warning shot than actual penalty, as traffic was not affected; and it is a reminder to diversify.

PageRank Update Another Message To Link Sellers?

Either the Google PageRank in your toolbar is officially meaningless, or Google just sent another message to link sellers. Once again, Google isn’t talking and we’re left to speculate.

Major Sites Taking PageRank Hits
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Google is penalizing some big-name publications and blogs, including the Washington Post, Forbes, and Engadget. Over two dozen have seen their toolbar PageRank drop by a factor of 2 to 4 overnight.

Selling Paid Links Can Hamper Your Google Rankings
Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land points out that "Selling paid links can hurt your page rank or rankings on Google". He says, "More and more, I’ve been seeing people wondering if they’ve lost traffic on Google because they were detected to be selling paid links."

Google Becoming Wikipedia Without the Talk Page
In a recent post about paid links, Danny Sullivan wrote about how Google’s army of engineers are going to start hand editing PageRank scores if they think you are selling links, which is a move that wreaks of desperation.

Link Selling Equals Google Juice Squeeze
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The paid link debate has a new topic to chew on, namely the official word and demonstrated effect of Google penalizing sites that sell links.

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