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New Google Labs: Related Links and Script Converter

Google has released a couple of new Labs projects. The first one is called Script converter, and the second one is called Related Links.

The Script Converter Lab lets users read the text of any script in the supported languages, which currently consist of:

– Hindi
– Bengali
– English
– Gujarati
– Kannada
– Malayalam
– Marathi
– Nepali
– Tamil
– Telugu

All you have to do is enter text or a web address in the box, select the language you want to read it in, and press convert.

It’s Official: Page Views Don’t Count

The pageview is officially on its way out the door as a web site performance metric – Nielsen is dropping page view measurement in its Web traffic reporting. Instead, they will report the time visitors spend at sites.

Nielsen Saying No To Page View Metrics

Nielsen//NetRatings plans to bid adieu to page views, a long-time site metric that has been made obsolete by online video and Ajax page technology.

Death of the Page View?

Fred Wilson predicts the death of the page view in 2007 as a key metric for web businesses.

Yahoo, Page Views, And The Next Metric
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Ajax technology that refreshes content within a web page without reloading the entire page likely contributed to a drop in page views experienced at Yahoo; it also indicates the need for a new metric to replace page views as a measurement in ad performance.

The Growing Irrelevance of Page Views

I’ve been suggesting for a while to clients and workshop audiences that page views are increasingly irrelevant.