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PacSun T-Shirts Bought Out By Mom For Being Obscene

For the conservative and polite mother, it can be really disturbing to observe the direction that companies take in order to sell items. Often the manner of advertising involves sex and if you are a pearl-clutching mom, it can be too much. It was certainly too much for mother Judy Cox. Cox was out shopping with her 18-year-old son at …

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Utah Mom: Decency Clause in Lease Broken by PacSun

PacSun has a new enemy. It’s Mom. One mom in Orem, Utah, was so shocked at the level of indecency on some T-shirts at the PacSun in the mall that she bought them all. “As I was leaving the mall I just had this thought come to me that I can’t leave it. I can’t let it stay in the …

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Utah Woman Buys Every Indecent T-shirt In Store

If you thought your mom was uptight, just be thankful she hasn’t gone to the same extremes as a Utah mom who bought every last “indecent” T-shirt from a PacSun store. Judy Cox and her son were shopping at the store at the University Mall in Orem, near Salt Lake City, Utah, when she saw some T-shirts that offended her. …

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