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N. Korea Rap Video Becomes First Ever To Be Released

On Tuesday, the very first rap music video to ever be recorded in North Korea was revealed in an exclusive report by The Guardian. Washington D.C.-based rappers, (Anthony Bobb) Pacman, 19, and (Dontray Ennis) Peso, 20, uploaded to YouTube a video with the title “Escape to North Korea.” Becoming one of the few Americans to visit North Korea, other than Denis …

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Iconic Video Games Get The IRL Treatment

The reality of how newer games are designed is that they want to get as close to reality as possible. Older games? It was an exercise in making the game fun, regardless of how it translated to real life. So when you say, “Ugh, why can’t Pacman be real?” think again. Patrick Runte, a german photographer, decided to take his …

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Italian Soccer Fans And Their Pacman Mosaic

During a Champions League match between AC Milan against Barcelona, the AC milan fans decided to have some fun. They put up this mosaic that has Pac Man chasing after a ghost wearing Barca colors. The words below say “Let’s Eat Them!” in Italian! Although the game ended in a scoreless draw, it’s nice to know that the fans over …

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