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Benicio del Toro Is Not Dead Either

2014 has been the year for death hoaxes. The ever-growing popularity of social media makes it easy to start and disseminate a hoax. Recently a hoax claimed that former First Lady Nancy Reagan had died. The whole thing apparently started from a Facebook page that ran with the declaration: “At about 11 a.m. ET on Friday (October 24, 2014), our …

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John Leguizamo Drops $15,000 To Land Coveted Role

John Leguizamo has landed the role he’s been waiting his whole life to play: that of notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. Leguizamo actually spent thousands of dollars of his own money in order to create a screen test with makeup artists who transformed him into Escobar. The efforts paid off, because he won the role over stars like Oscar Isaac …

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Netflix To Debut Pablo Escobar Drama ‘Narcos’ in 2014 [REPORT]

Fresh off the instant success of their first big-budget series House of Cards, Netflix may already be lining up another series to expand upon their position as a true content provider and alternative to traditional cable. According to Deadline, Netflix is eyeing a new project called Narcos, a series centered around Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. Like House of Cards, …

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