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Ozymandias: “Breaking Bad” Title Explained

The most recent episode of “Breaking Bad” was titled “Ozymandias”, and after we collectively unclenched our posteriors for the week when the credits rolled, most of us wondered what it meant. The show is known for it’s smart writing and brilliant references, so it’s no surprise that the meaning behind “Ozymandias”–a two-hundred-year old poem–plays right into the show. “Ozymandias” was …

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New Breaking Bad Trailer Channels Famous Ozymandias Sonnet and the Inevitable Fall of Kings

AMC has just put out a new trailer for the upcoming season 5B of Breaking Bad, and it’s likely to give you chills. No new scenes, no hints at what’s to come – just Walter White calmly reciting Percy Bysshe Shelley’s 1818 sonnet “Ozymandias” over sprawling shots of the Albuquerque desert. Oh yeah, and the hat – Walter White’s “shattered …

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