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Trent Reznor on Twitter, Oversharing, and How Dick Pics Aren’t OK

Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor may operate a Twitter account with over 1.6 million followers, but that doesn’t mean that he thinks all the sharing that’s going on over there is a-ok. Reznor recently sat down with SPIN magazine for an in-depth interview and had this to say about social media and our culture of oversharing: “I was excited about …

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TwitPic’s Noah Everett TwitPics His Own Arrest

If you are the founder of the most popular Twitter photo sharing service TwitPic and you find yourself in the backseat of a police car and, most importantly, still in possession of your phone – what is the logical thing to do? If you guessed “post a photo of your predicament to Twitter using TwitPic,” you would be correct. It …

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