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Outlook 98 Concerns

Hi Carey,

My windows 98 appears to have changed. For example when I’m in “my documents” and right click on an item the menu does not allow sending to a mail recipient and if I go to the file menu it does not have that option either. Any answer would be greatly appreciated.


Finding The Missing Outlook Spell Checker

Question: I have Outlook Express for my e-mail. I can not turn on my spell checker. It is on my tool bar, but not turned on. I have gone to Tools, Options, but have no speller tab. How do I turn on spell checker? Thanks…
– Marie

Color-Coding Your Outlook Calendar

Outlook XP offers a new feature that allows you to color-code appointments and meetings. If you use the Outlook Calendar to track a variety of appointments and meetings, color-coding will allow you to quickly and easily distinguish between the various types.

Addressing Letters Using Your Outlook Contacts List

You can use your Outlook Contacts list to start writing a letter in Word.

Outlook Express and XP Identities

I’m running windows xp home. I use Outlook Express for my mail with two identities. From time to time when I switch identities I lose outlook express and cannot retrieve my mail without restarting the computer. Is this a correctable problem?
– Patricia

Can a Trojan Cause Outlook Express to Hang?

Quesiton: I am using MS Windows Pro on a laptop with Intel 850Mhz and 256MB RAM connected to the Internet using cable. Using Norton Personal Internet Security.

I was cleaning up some messages in my inbox (Outlook Express). I tried to delete a message from “MAILER-DAEMON@mail09b.bellsouth-hosting.net” the subject failure notice. Each time I clicked on it my computer froze and I got the message that the program was not responding and had the option to end now or cancel. Cancel never did anything but End Now would close Outlook Express. Then a little while after that I noticed on my Internet security several messages that said “rule default block backdoor/subseven trojan horse matched.” Could this be connected? What should I do?

Matthew F. Grandalski

Illegal Operations Error In Outlook

Carey…can you advise me? When I open Outlook I get an error message that says I have performed an illegal operation. When I close it for
the 2nd time I get the following:

Problem Receiving Attachments in Outlook Express

Question: For the last few months I have been unable to receive any attachments. A notice appears at the top of the window telling me they are unsafe. I even changed from McAfee to Norton but still get the same message. Obviously all of them can’t be unsafe; what can be done about this?
– Rodney

Carey Holzman Answers MS Windows and PC Hardware Questions
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Does your Windows PC have issues? Having trouble getting your Windows 98 computers to talk to each other? That new video card driving disagreeing with your system? Carey Holzman can help!

Too many messages for Outlook Express

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Recently one of my Mitel SME Server clients took two weeks off. When he returned, Outlook Express told him he had 23,000 messages waiting on the server! Unfortunately, Outlook Express couldn’t bring any of those messages to his PC; it just hung.

2003 Outlook For Venture Capital Is Brighter

Entrepreneurs polish up your PowerPoint presentations and practice your pitches, because the venture capital purse strings may be starting to loosen up.