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Netflix User Woes Continue to Pile Up Netflix User Woes Continue to Pile Up
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The good times just keep rolling for Netflix users. The company recently launched a major redesign of its site, which has been met with an incredible amount of hostility from users, many of which have found little if any improvement, …

The Return of Blogger The Return of Blogger
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Fear not, those of you who haven’t migrated over to the WordPress environment because Blogger.com and all of its services is back. After a substantial outing, Google’s blog service is operational once again, and deleted posts have begun returning. While …

Amazon Talks Preventing Future Outages, Says It’s Sorry Amazon Talks Preventing Future Outages, Says It’s Sorry

Amazon has finally released a big statement regarding the recent server disruptions it experienced, which led to some sites having massive losses in service, and people to question the reliability of the cloud. When I say that the statement is …

Amazon Outage Casts Shadow Over Cloud Perception Amazon Outage Casts Shadow Over Cloud Perception
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Amazon recently suffered some problems with some of its servers, which left some sites with large hiccups in their services. Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service had some issues, primarily in Virginia. Among the sites affected were Foursquare, Quora, Reddit, …

Amazon EC2 Server Issues Cause Web Havoc Amazon EC2 Server Issues Cause Web Havoc
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Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service has caused a bit of disarray around the web as servers have failed. Among the sites/services affected are Foursquare, Quora, Reddit, and Hootsuite (ht: The Next Web). The issues appear to be coming out …

Twitter Down For Some Users Twitter Down For Some Users
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Twitter users are having some problems accessing the site. What else is new right? We’re not seeing the usual fail whale, but the robot pictured above this time. Various Twitter apps appear to be working (we tested iPhone/Android/Mac), but Twitter.com …

Google Loses Gmail Users’ Email, Says It Will Be Back in Hours
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Some Gmail users have had some problems over the last day or so. Email messages have gone missing, along with labels, themes and other personalized settings. Google is working on fixing this. 

While only a small percentage of Google users was affected, that still accounts for thousands of users –  tens of thousands, according to ComputerWorld, who estimates the number to be about 35,000. 

Google Commits to 99.99% Uptime for Google Apps
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Google has announced that it has made some changes to its service level agreement (SLA) for Google Apps, to reduce the possibility that users will experience any downtime. The company says it has eliminated maintenance windows from the SLA, so Google will never plan for users to be down when they’re upgrading services or maintaining their systems. 

Communication Breakdown: When Email Goes Down
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At the end of December, some Hotmail users experienced problems with their email – it was gone. Messages and folders went completely missing from their accounts. Luckily, for those users, the emails came back. 

Microsoft says it recovered 100% of email and folders for the accounts affected. Unfortunately, for those who didn’t sign into their accounts between the time of the incident and the time the account was restored, any messages sent to their accounts during that time would have bounced. 

Skype Talks Outage and Prevention of Future Outages

Last week, millions of Skype users lost their connections and experienced various other issues with the service. Though the outage didn’t last much longer than a day, the sheer number of those affected created a huge blunder for the company. 

It didn’t take long for Skype to go on damage control mode, however. CEO Tony Bates himself jumped on the Skype blog a few times to provide updates, explanations, and of course apologies:

Millions Lose Their Skype Connections [Updated]
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Update 3: Now CEO Tony Bates has provided further explanation and apologies

Update 2: Parkes provided another update on the issue today:

Update: Facebook is Up…Kind Of (After Downtime)
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Update 3: Facebook has now tweeted saying, "Facebook is available again after being down for a brief period. We apologize for the inconvenience."

Facebook Explains Outage

Facebook was down for over 2.5 hours for some users, according to a post from the company. A post in Facebook’s engineering notes says:

The key flaw that caused this outage to be so severe was an unfortunate handling of an error condition. An automated system for verifying configuration values ended up causing much more damage than it fixed.

eBay Back On Its Feet After Search/Browse Outage
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eBay suffered a significant malfunction this weekend as an unspecified "technical issue" affected users’ ability to both search and browse listings for most of Saturday.  Now, the site’s been restored to working order, but a lot of sellers remain extremely unhappy.


Report Details Ongoing Twitter Downtime Problems
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Most companies try to improve themselves over time.  Twitter, unfortunately, hasn’t managed to do so.  A downtime report from CheckMySite indicates that Twitter’s still suffering problems on a regular basis, and that it hasn’t done well at all in comparison to Facebook and MySpace.

Google’s Postini Suffers Problems
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Someone with a little too much faith in logic might argue that email is at its most secure when messages don’t get through.  However, the average person doesn’t see things that way, and this became an issue as Postini, Google’s email security offering, encountered problems yesterday.

Gmail Falters Yet Again
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Yahoo Mail and Hotmail must be looking pretty tempting to certain Gmail users right now.  Yet another Gmail outage has occurred, and once again, there’s been little official word regarding causes, effects, and timetables.

Gmail Outage Hits Europe Hard
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A little less than one month ago, Google introduced an experimental version of Gmail that could work without an Internet connection, and we ran the headline "Gmail Goes Offline (In A Good Way)" as a result.  This morning, minus the part in parentheses, the same title could apply.

Black Friday Traffic Proved Too Much For Some Sites

Pessimistic onlookers believed retailers’ websites would do little more than attract tumbleweeds this Black Friday.  A sort of reverse situation came into being, however, as stampede-worthy traffic levels were significant enough to cause slowdowns and at least one crash.

Google Apps And Gmail Problems Resurface
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Some people check their email once an hour.  Others, every five minutes.  But a recent Google Apps outage made a number of accounts inaccessible for around 30 hours, and a prominent blogger had his account disabled to boot.

LinkedIn Downtime Turning Heads
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If LinkedIn has its way, the image of a blue-robed wizard will become nowhere near as familiar as Twitter’s fail whale.  But in what might be a good or bad sign for the company, this symbol of downtime is indeed being seen more frequently.