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Update: Facebook is Up…Kind Of (After Downtime)
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Update 3: Facebook has now tweeted saying, "Facebook is available again after being down for a brief period. We apologize for the inconvenience."

Facebook Explains Outage

Facebook was down for over 2.5 hours for some users, according to a post from the company. A post in Facebook’s engineering notes says:

The key flaw that caused this outage to be so severe was an unfortunate handling of an error condition. An automated system for verifying configuration values ended up causing much more damage than it fixed.

eBay Back On Its Feet After Search/Browse Outage
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eBay suffered a significant malfunction this weekend as an unspecified "technical issue" affected users’ ability to both search and browse listings for most of Saturday.  Now, the site’s been restored to working order, but a lot of sellers remain extremely unhappy.


Report Details Ongoing Twitter Downtime Problems
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Most companies try to improve themselves over time.  Twitter, unfortunately, hasn’t managed to do so.  A downtime report from CheckMySite indicates that Twitter’s still suffering problems on a regular basis, and that it hasn’t done well at all in comparison to Facebook and MySpace.

Google’s Postini Suffers Problems
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Someone with a little too much faith in logic might argue that email is at its most secure when messages don’t get through.  However, the average person doesn’t see things that way, and this became an issue as Postini, Google’s email security offering, encountered problems yesterday.

Gmail Falters Yet Again
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Yahoo Mail and Hotmail must be looking pretty tempting to certain Gmail users right now.  Yet another Gmail outage has occurred, and once again, there’s been little official word regarding causes, effects, and timetables.

Gmail Outage Hits Europe Hard
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A little less than one month ago, Google introduced an experimental version of Gmail that could work without an Internet connection, and we ran the headline "Gmail Goes Offline (In A Good Way)" as a result.  This morning, minus the part in parentheses, the same title could apply.

Black Friday Traffic Proved Too Much For Some Sites

Pessimistic onlookers believed retailers’ websites would do little more than attract tumbleweeds this Black Friday.  A sort of reverse situation came into being, however, as stampede-worthy traffic levels were significant enough to cause slowdowns and at least one crash.

Google Apps And Gmail Problems Resurface
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Some people check their email once an hour.  Others, every five minutes.  But a recent Google Apps outage made a number of accounts inaccessible for around 30 hours, and a prominent blogger had his account disabled to boot.

LinkedIn Downtime Turning Heads
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If LinkedIn has its way, the image of a blue-robed wizard will become nowhere near as familiar as Twitter’s fail whale.  But in what might be a good or bad sign for the company, this symbol of downtime is indeed being seen more frequently.

Google Compensating For Apps Outage

A Google Apps outage that occurred earlier this month concerned a lot of people.  Users of the Premier Edition were paying for the service, and 15 hours of downtime and questionable communication is not good, regardless.  So now Google’s unveiling a free extension of service and the way in which it will handle any future problems.

Gmail, Google Apps Issues Resolved
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A game of word association would have to go on for quite some time before most people would put "Google Apps" and "Gmail" together with "outage."  The two services recently took a partial tumble, though, and the experience has left some of the affected users less than happy.

Twitter Survives Apple Conference

Fans and critics alike expected Twitter’s new "status" blog to be a busy place yesterday, and in one sense, the company didn’t disappoint.  Posts mainly focused on preventative measures, however, and Twitter more or less made it through Apple’s big event without failing.

Twitter Establishes Status Blog

It’s a dark day for the "Down for everyone or just me?" site – Twitter, which must have sent it so much traffic, has now created its own Twitter Status blog.

Google Analytics Admits Errors, Data Loss
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Human nature being what it is, people often find a way to complain about excellent free products.  Yet following an admission that Google Analytics experienced errors for most of a week and permanently lost some data, users are taking the news rather well.

Netflix Embarrassed By 11-Hour Outage

Nothing’s perfect; WebProNews itself flickered in and out of working order yesterday afternoon.  But for hours on either side, Netflix was decidedly down, and this created a rather large hubbub in certain circles.

Google AdSense Site Suffers Outage
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Saying that Google AdSense is popular would be something of an understatement.  So, when the program’s site became inaccessible on Saturday, people became understandably unhappy.

Google Temporarily Inaccessible In Germany

A few inches of snow are supposed to fall on Lexington, Kentucky today, and if history is any indicator, everything will cease to work.  Yesterday, folks in Germany had it comparatively easy – only Google didn’t function.

Google Temporarily Inaccessible In Germany

Blogger Goes On The Blink
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Earlier this week, Twitter suffered an outage, and we weren’t too kind about the whole thing.  Fair’s fair, though, and it’s now our duty to report that when Blogger went down yesterday, Twitter may have played an instrumental part in getting it back up.

Macworld Too Much For Twitter

Oh, dear.  It’s done it now.  Twitter was already known for experiencing an embarrassing amount of downtime, but the microblogging service crashed during the Macworld keynote, and users are not happy.Macworld Too Much For Twitter

Blockbuster.com Breaks

If a company’s big enough, a site outage lasting only five minutes is an embarrassing issue.  "Over 12 hours" is pretty terrible, then, and this is the amount of time for which Blockbuster Online ceased to work.Blockbuster.com Breaks